How to Convert Whatsapp Voice Message into Text Message

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WhatsApp introduced many methods of communicating with text, voice and video. Now a day’s people choose voice and video platforms for quicker communication. Also, People who cannot read and write most probably prefer to send your voice message. In noisy environments like theaters, listening to audio messages in WhatsApp is a difficult job. 

Also, in some important places, you cannot play the messages loudly without earphones. There is a solution to these problems, you can convert the voice messages into text and view it comfortably. 

You have to install the transcribing app on your mobile for this. Let us see it in detail about the conversion.


How to convert WhatsApp voice to text on Android Phones

For Android phones, you have to install an app called Transcriber for Whatsapp. This app lets you transcribe the voice messages and show it as text. Follow the steps below to install and use the app. 

1. Launch the Google Play app from the menu, make sure you are logged in to your Google account. 

2. Type in ‘Transcriber for WhatsApp’ in the search box and tap on the ‘Transcriber for WhatsApp’ shown in the search results. Tap on install option shown and wait for the installation to finish. whatsapp voice to text3. Now launch Transcriber app from the Google Play. whatsapp voice to text4. Tap on next until you are shown options. You can select language here and also you can select the quality of transcription and transcription in the pop-up window. whatsapp voice to text5. You select options and exit the Transcriber application. Now, launch WhatsApp from the menu and open the conversation which has the audio file to transcribe. Long press on the audio file exactly over the icon. Select share option in the upper right corner, which looks like a tilted ‘V’. whatsapp voice to text6. Now you will be shown options for sharing, you have to select Transcriber option. whatsapp voice to text7. You will be shown a pop-up window that load the transcription, wait for it to finish. whatsapp voice to text8. You will be shown the transcription in the pop-up window. whatsapp voice to text

How to convert WhatsApp voice to text on iPhone

In I phone you can download the Audio to Text for Whatsapp app from iTunes. After installing it, follow the steps below to convert an audio message into text. 

1. Launch the WhatsApp from the home screen menu. 

2. Open the conversation which has the audio for transcribing. Tap and hold the icon with the audio. whatsapp voice to text iphone3. Tap the forward option. whatsapp voice to text iphone4. Tap on the share icon in the lower left corner. whatsapp voice to text iphone5. Now select ‘Audio to Text for WhatsApp’ in the options shown. whatsapp voice to text iphone6. There you get your audio message in text form in a popup window. whatsapp voice to text iphone In conclusion, there are numerous apps are there to do this transcribing function, among all the apps, the above-mentioned apps give you best results. These two apps support many languages. There may be time came when WhatsApp include this option in itself. We have to wait and see.

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