How to Hide 'About' in WhatsApp

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The ever-growing popularity of WhatsApp has led many users to update WhatsApp regularly. Now users like to keep their profile picture with additional about to make their profile more personalized. Plus users put the status to share their updates with other contacts. You can even delete the whatsapp status if you are messed up with it. Often users don't always want to share their personalized About on WhatsApp. So How to Hide 'About' in WhatsApp? It is very simple and users can follow the 7 steps given below. Let's look at the steps!

How to Hide Your About on WhatsApp

Hide "About" In WhatsApp In 7 Easy Steps:

Step-1 Open WhatsApp: You have to first go to WhatsApp. Then click on it and open the App.

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Step-2 Click on the Three dot option: The homepage of Whatsapp will appear. You can see a three-dot icon on the right corner of the page. Click on the icon. Open the three-dot option.

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Step-3 Go to WhatsApp Settings: Once you open the three-dot option, you can see various options on your screen.

  • Go to the last option of Settings.
  • Select the Settings.
  • Click and open the settings.
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Step-4 Click on Account (key icon): Now a whole new option will appear on the screen. Then you can see a key icon with the name of the Account on the page. Select the Account option and open it.

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Step-5 Click on Privacy (Lock icon): Then you can see several options such as privacy, security, two-step verification, etc.

  • Select the Privacy option with a lock icon.
  • Click on the option and open it.
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Step-6 Click on About: Once you open the Privacy option. You can see the About option with many other options. Select the About and open it on Whatsapp.

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Step-7 Click on Nobody: Then the About option will pop up three options with a button namely: Everyone, My contacts and Nobody. You have to click on the button named Nobody. Once you clicked then your About is hidden from everyone.

Image Titled Hide About In WhatsApp Step 7

Can you make your About in WhatsApp seen by your contacts only?

You can set the settings to My contacts and then your About is only visible to your contacts on WhatsApp. You need to make sure that you do the above-given steps. Just make sure that step 7 is changed from Nobody to My Contacts. Now only your contacts can view your status information on Whatsapp.

Can you change your WhatsApp wallpaper?

There is a default wallpaper set on WhatsApp. You can change the wallpaper from the thread to the option on the chat page. Now your WhatsApp will have a wallpaper of your choice. You can delete the WhatsApp wallpaper when you want to replace it or remove them on WhatsApp.

Can you delete the Whatsapp messages after one hour?

Earlier, once you sent the WhatsApp messages you can delete them. However, before some time WhatsApp offers a feature to delete the sent messages. You can delete the messages within a few minutes only. But if you try to delete them after an hour. Then you won't be able to delete them.

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