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To delete a WhatsApp contact is easy. In most devices, you will have to go to your contacts and delete it. It will automatically be deleted in your WhatsApp contacts once you refresh it. There are slightly different ways of deleting contacts in different mobiles. The article explains how contact is to be deleted in your smartphone.

Remove WhatsApp contact

Delete WhatsApp contacts with these 8 steps

Have you ever been so angry with a person that you just want to delete their WhatsApp contact? Sometimes, we fall prey to the fiery emotion of anger and wish to distance ourselves from a person for a long time.

This can be done by deleting the person from your WhatsApp contacts list. Here is a post  "How to Delete WhatsApp Contact"  which will walk you through this process in 8 steps. So let us get started!

Step 1 - Open WhatsApp on your Android or iOS device: The first step is to tap on the app icon to open the app on your Android or iOS devices.

Delete WhatsApp Contacts step 1

Step 2- Tap on the ''Chat'' option: Now you have to click on the Chat option that appears on the bottom right corner of your app screen. It is a green color, round icon with a tiny little chat symbol, present at the bottom of your screen.

Delete WhatsApp Contacts step 2

Step 3 - Select the contact that you want to delete: When you will select the chat option you will get directed to the contact lists which consist of all the contacts on your WhatsApp account.

Delete WhatsApp Contacts step 3

Step 4 - Tap on the name of your contact that you wish to delete: Now for step number four, you have to simply select the contact that you want to delete by clicking on its name.

Delete WhatsApp Contacts step 4

Step 5- Tap on again 3 dots option that is present at the top right corner: When you will select any contact you will reach its chat window. Now you have to click on the three vertical dots that are present on the top right corner of the screen.

Delete WhatsApp Contacts step 5

Step 6 - Tap on ''View in address book'': A drop-down menu will slide down with four options. From this menu, you have to select the third option which is of ''View in address book.''

Delete WhatsApp Contacts step 6

Step 7 - Tap on the 3 dots option present at the top right corner: Now click on three vertical dots present on the top right corner of your screen. A menu will slide down on the screen in the same corner.

how to delete whatsapp contacts

Step 8 - Tap on the "Delete'' option to delete your contact: So the last step is to select the delete option from the drop-down menu. After clicking on it your selected contact will get deleted from your device.

Delete WhatsApp Contacts step 8


The world-renowned messaging application, WhatsApp is an incredibly easy-to-use application. Also, it's quickly becoming one of the most used applications by smartphone owners across the globe.

This is great on some levels, but not so great on others for those who don't want or need the unwanted messages on their phones. However, luckily, there's a way to delete WhatsApp contacts and information from your phone and easily prevent them from appearing on your phone again.

  • How can i delete WhatsApp contact? It is a common question among WhatsApp users. And, after using the WhatsApp messenger app, many users want to remove contacts they do not need.
  • However, with this guide, we hope that by now all your queries about deleting WhatsApp contact will resolve.
  • Furthermore, if you have any more doubts or questions regarding WhatsApp and its features then feel free to mention them in the comment section down below. We will be more than happy to remove them for you.

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