How to Set, Edit, Delete, Updates WhatsApp Status

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Being a human, it is our nature to share and express our feelings to others. Nowadays social media facilitate for that. For instance, WhatsApp had only ‘About’ information, which reflected people’s expressions in the app. Now, WhatsApp stepped into its next milestone by introducing new video and images status feature on Feb 8, 2017.

WhatsApp status

WhatsApp Contacts column has been removed from the main window of WhatsApp, and ‘new status menu’ has been added.  It is similar to the app Instagram and Snapchat. In this article, we teach you to get the valuable joy of sharing your status by step by step guide.

What happened to the old text status

Old text status was removed when new status options were added. But now it is available but with a different name ‘About’. You can open it by opening your settings and going into the profile by tapping on your name.

Status of WhatsApp in Android

Android is an operating system introduced for touchscreen mobiles by Google. After that, WhatsApp was incorporated in 1999 by former Yahoo! Employees. It is now owned by the social media giant Facebook after February 2015. 

After the introduction of the new status option by WhatsApp, users are little confused about using it. Follow the step below, to view how many people have seen your status. 

While viewing the recipients, you there are options to delete the status and forward it. 

1. Launch WhatsApp: Do it by tapping on the WhatsApp icon in the menu, then you will be shown three menus. 

2. Open Status: Tap on the Status menu. Whatsapp Status3. My Status: Tap over the three dots near My status. Whatsapp Status4. Eye Symbol: There will be a symbol of an eye. Near that symbol how many people have seen your status will be shown. Whatsapp Status

Delete Whatsapp Status

Download WhatsApp Status

Hide WhatsApp Status

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