How to Delete WhatsApp App Data

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Are you planning to delete your WhatsApp account? Or are you planning to sell your mobile phone? Whatever be your reason for deleting your WhatsApp account, you must know how to delete WhatsApp data completely.

This article will explain to you how to delete the entire data stored in the app. For doing this, you need to follow some simple steps mentioned below.

So Let’s get started!

How To Delete WhatsApp Chat History Permanently

Delete your WhatsApp data with these 6 simple steps

Step 1- Open the WhatsApp app on your device by clicking on its icon: One can easily locate the WhatsApp icon by its quirky green color and white outline.

delete WhatsApp data

Step 2-Tap on the 3 dots that are present on the top right corner of the app: Now, once you are on the landing page of the WhatsApp app, you will be able to see three vertical white dots on the top right corner of your app.

delete WhatsApp data

Step 3- Now select the “Settings” option from the drop-down menu: Once you will click on these dots, a drop-down box will be presented in front of you with 6 options. Select the last option of “Settings” from the menu.

delete WhatsApp data

Step 4- Then select the “Chats” option: The next step is to click on the “Chats” option from the list which is the last option on the app.

delete WhatsApp data

Step 5- Now you have to select the “Chat history” option.

delete WhatsApp data

Step 6- Finally select the last option “Delete all chats’’: And with this last step, all your WhatsApp data will be deleted forever from your device.

delete WhatsApp data

So this was all about deleting your WhatsApp data. However, have you ever wondered why is it so necessary to delete all your WhatsApp data?

WhatsApp is quite a popular messaging application, and that’s not surprising, considering how easy it is to use. However, its ease of use also means it can be prone to security risks.

Hackers are always on the lookout for someone’s personal information, and they just might target WhatsApp, given the popularity of the app.

So, it’s critical that you delete WhatsApp data from time to time so that hackers can’t access your personal information.

5 tips to keep your WhatsApp messages private:

WhatsApp, the messaging app that Facebook bought in 2014, has become one of the most popular social apps in the world.

But there are still a lot of questions about it, and the biggest one is: Is it secure?
On Thursday, WhatsApp announced in a blog post that "the privacy and security of your information is our top priority."

WhatsApp's latest updates, including encryption and end-to-end encryption, have made it much more secure. But there are a few things you can do to keep your messages secure.
Here are 5 tips to keep your WhatsApp messages private:

  1. Turn on end-to-end encryption: End-to-end encryption means that WhatsApp encrypts your messages and encrypts them in such a way that only you and the sender can get to the data.
  2. Change your chat settings: If you're worried about prying eyes, you can hide your chat from certain people.
  3. Turn on two-step verification: One-step verification allows WhatsApp to verify your identity when you log in. For extra security, you should enable two-step verification.
  4. Delete your old chats: If you're worried about prying eyes, you can delete old chats.
  5. Turn off notifications: WhatsApp will send you a notification when someone replies to your message. To turn off that notification, go to Settings > Account > Notifications.

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