How to Delete WhatsApp Data

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Generally, it is recommended that you back up your photos, videos, text files and other important pieces of information to a particular account, before deleting them, to avoid data loss. This would help you to retrieve back all these important files once you want them on your new device.
To do this, you have the option of backing it up manually or setting an automatic mode so that you are files are backed up automatically and on a regular basis.

Delete WhatsApp Chats

Deleting chats with a particular person

You can delete your chat history with any particular person on WhatsApp. To do this, follow the below-mentioned steps.

Steps to follow-:

1. Open WhatsApp - Tap on the green bubble icon of WhatsApp and open it.

2. Tap on Contact name- Tap on the name of the person with whom you intend to delete your chats.

3. Tap on three vertical dots- As you tap against the person’s name, tap on three vertical dots that appear on the right of your screen.

4. Go to “More”- In the dropdown list that appears, tap on “More” to show more list of options.

5. Tap to “Clear Chat”- Tap on “Clear chat” to remove your chat history. You can opt for removing your media from the phone as well. You can also opt to not delete the starred messages that you have with that particular person. To do this, tap on “Clear All Except Starred”.

Delete chats with all people

Steps to follow-:

1. Open WhatsApp - Tap on the green bubble icon present on your device to open Whatsapp.

2. Tap on three vertical dots- Tap on three vertical dots that appear at the top right corner of your WhatsApp screen.

3. Go to settings-In the dropdown section that appears, tap on “Settings”.

4. Go to Chats- On the settings page, tap on “Chats”.

5. Go to Chats History- On’ the Chats page, tap on “Chats History”.

6. Tap on “Delete all chats- On the Chats History page, click on “Delete all chats”. Tap on “Delete” when WhatsApp asks you to confirm your action, to delete all chats.

How to completely delete WhatsApp data

WhatsApp data, in the form of photos, videos and text files, may get saved on your device either manually, when you yourself download the files, or automatically if you have enabled settings to download files automatically.

When you have sent and received files using WhatsApp, it eats up a lot of space on your mobile phone. Some of them might just be junk and might be occupying space from a very long time. Clearing them can free up space on your device and improve its storage space. Certainly, your mobile phone will then also function quite smoothly and efficiently.

Remove WhatsApp data On Android

It’s quite easy to remove those unnecessary media files that are occupying space on your device. You do not require a specialized phone cleaner or a specific function tool to do this. You can easily remove these files by visiting your file manager.

If you have an external SD card or memory card added to your device, then all your WhatsApp media files will get stored in by default. The steps will be the same for SD card users and internal memory users. Follow the below-mentioned steps to remove media files from your external SD card.

Steps to follow-:
1. Open your file manager- Tap on the file manager that is available in your phone.
2. Access your SD card- In your file manager, go to SD card memory or phone memory if you do not have an SD card.
3. Go to WhatsApp folder- In the SD card memory; look for a folder named “WhatsApp”. It is automatically created once you install WhatsApp on your phone and want to save certain files through it.
4. Go to access your Media Files- Inside your WhatsApp folder, you will have various directories saving various types of information saved by WhatsApp on your phone. Tap on the Media folder.
5. Select the item to delete- Inside the media folder, you will have all kinds of media files. You will folder pertaining to images, videos, documents, profile photos etc.

Select on the kind of media file you want to delete. Tap on it and click on “Delete”.
Other than this, you can also open your gallery and browse to the WhatsApp Images and WhatsApp video albums, click on different images and videos that you wish to remove from your phone and tap on “Delete”.

One more suggestion will be to check the files in the folder named “Sent” in all the folders of images, videos and audios. This folder consists of the items that you have sent to someone on your list. If you don’t want such files to stock up your memory, we suggest you check and delete the unwanted files.

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