How to Delete Group Chat on Whatsapp App

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WhatsApp groups are a convenient way for friends and family to communicate quickly, and nearly every WhatsApp user is a part of one or more groups made by family, friends, employers, schools, or others. Issues may arise if a group chat becomes too long and unmanaged, leading WhatsApp's memory use to skyrocket. So, you can delete WhatsApp group chat without having to leave the group. Create a WhatsApp group to practice this if you do not have one in your chats list or do not want to delete the chats of the ones you have.

Delete Group Chat on Whatsapp

Delete Whatsapp Group Chat: 4 Steps

Step 1- On Your Device, Open the Whatsapp Application: You'll notice a number of new features when you open Whatsapp on the web or on your Android or iPhone device.

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Step 2- Long Press on the Group Chat: Tap the three dots in the bottom right corner of the group chat to open it. Then tap and hold on the group name in the Chats screen to select Group Info.

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Step 3- Tap on the Delete Icon: After you hit the delete symbol, a pop-up window will open, asking you to confirm whether you wish to delete the Whatsapp group chat.

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Step 4- Tap on the Delete Option: Finally, press the delete button to remove the WhatsApp group chat from your account permanently.

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Benefits of Deleting Whatsapp Chats

A great way to avoid being reminded of conversations that you'd rather forget is by deleting messages in your WhatsApp chat history. You can also use this feature to delete long conversations you may have had with someone, so you can go back and refer to the highlights and not re-read the entire thing.

  • Deleting WhatsApp chats not only saves you storage space but also keeps your phone running faster. Unlike other apps, WhatsApp uses just a fraction of the space on your phone. In fact, with each new version, the app gets smaller and smaller. The best part is that the developers don't force you to keep old conversations on your phone.
  • The chats you delete on WhatsApp are not permanently deleted. You can recover them. However, it is not possible to restore chats that you delete permanently. The chats are stored in the cloud and can be searched, retrieved, and viewed by the users. Finally, you can use this feature to keep your chat history tidy, which is always a good thing.


For most of us, WhatsApp group chats are both a good and bad thing. On the one hand, they allow us to stay in touch with all of our friends. Yet, the constant barrage of notifications can be overwhelming.

Despite the numerous improvements, it will take something major to make you want to leave. Group chats are a great way to organize conversations and share important info.

That too with a large group of friends or classmates at once. But managing them can be a pain if you accidentally create a chat that you meant to create individually. If you want to leave a conversation, you can do so in a few different ways. It depends on whether you're a group admin or simply a participant.

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