How to Recall WhatsApp Messages

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Now its 7 minutes and ticking, if you have done an embarrassing error in Whatsapp.        If you have sent a message by mistake to someone, you can delete that message without letting the recipient read, it is called recalling the message. Whatsapp’s new feature lets you recall the messages from the recipients and groups. 

Yes, recalling deletes your message in the recipient’s phone also, just like the feature with Telegram app. Yet there are some limitations, they are

  • You can be recalled within 7 minutes.
  • You and your recipient should run an updated version of WhatsApp.
  • If your recipient has seen your message or if recalling failed, you will not be notified.

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How to Recall WhatsApp Messages on Android Phones

Follow the steps below to recall your message from your recipients. 

Step 1: Launch WhatsApp from the menu. 

Step 2: Open a chat with someone and send them a message. How to Recall WhatsApp MessagesStep 3: Select the message by long pressing on it. How to Recall WhatsApp MessagesStep 4: Tap on the dustbin option shown in the upper right corner. Recall WhatsApp MessagesStep 5: Now you will be given three options namely, delete for everyone, cancel, Delete for Me. You select Delete for Everyone to recall your message. If after 7 minutes you try to delete, you will not be shown the Delete for everyone option.  Recall WhatsApp MessagesStep 6: After message being deleted, instead of message you will be shown “This message was deleted”. Receiver of the message also will get the same message. whatsapp messages

How to Recall WhatsApp Messages in iPhone

The following steps are for recalling the Whatsapp message from its recipients in iPhone. 

Step 1: Open the Whatsapp from the Home screen. 

Step 2: Open a chat and type a message for them. How to Recall WhatsApp Messages - iphoneStep 3: Long press over the message you just sent. Recall WhatsApp Messages- iPhoneStep 4: Now you will be shown three options, you have to tap on the right-side arrow for more options. Whatsapp Recall in iPhoneStep 5: Now tap on the delete option. How to Recall WhatsApp MessagesStep 6: Now you will be shown the additional option “Delete for everyone” with the conventional “Delete” option. Tap on delete for everyone to recall your message. How to Recall WhatsApp MessagesStep 7: Now you will be shown “This message was deleted” instead of the original message. Your recipient also will see the same message if recalling was successful. How to Recall WhatsApp Messages In conclusion, Whatsapp which has more than 1 billion users, is adapting itself to the expectations from the users step by step. This feature promises to be a good change after the introduction of new status updates. They are borrowing all the good feature from other apps one by one.

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