How to Add Someone on WhatsApp

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WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging apps nowadays. It lets you communicate with individuals all around the world while keeping your communications secure and encrypted. If you're new to WhatsApp, you'll need to learn how to add someone to the platform. Before contacting anyone on or sharing docs, videos, images etc you must add them first. Check out how to add someone on WhatsApp.

How to Add People on Whatsapp

Add Someone on WhatsApp in 9 Easy Steps

Step-1 Open Whatsapp: To add someone on WhatsApp, we must first begin with the application. So, click on the WhatsApp application to open it.

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Step-2 Click on the chat button: Now, in the app in the lower right corner, spot the 'chats' option. Click on the chat button to proceed further.

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Step-3 Tap on new contact: Now, since we have to add someone on, so we need to add their contact details. Hence, click on 'New Contact' to add a new contact.

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Step-4 Fill in the name of the contact: Next, Click on 'First Name' and type the name of the contact followed by the Last Name.

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Step-5 Enter the contact details: Now, after adding their name, add their contact details like phone number, and any company detail (if required)

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Step-6 Hit save: Next, after adding all the required details now click on 'Save' to save the contact number.

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Step-7 Click on the three dots: Moving on, on your top right corner of the app screen, spot the 'three-dot' button. Tap on the three-dot button.

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Click-8 Click on refresh: In the end, click on 'refresh' to refresh your App screen. By hitting refresh, all the work that you've done or the changes that you've made will be shown.

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Step-9 check your contact list for updates: Lastly, after hitting the refresh button, now you might be able to see all the changes that you made. Consequently, the contact will appear on your contact list.

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I'm not able to add someone on WhatsApp, Why?

Check your phone's contact list to see if you've stored the phone numbers of your contacts. If you've recently reset your phone and the address book is empty, the contacts will not appear in the contact list.

Hence make sure you add their contact number before trying to reach out to them. Also, keep in mind that their number should be available on WhatsApp.

It means that they must be using that very same number on WhatsApp. Otherwise, you won't be able to add them to the app.

How do I add people in Bulk in a group?

You can simply share links with people to join the WhatsApp group. Instead of adding them to the group one by one. By clicking on the link anyone would be able to join the group.

How to know if someone's number is not on WhatsApp?

It's very easy to know if someone's number is available or not. After adding their name to your contact list, open your WhatsApp. While searching in the contact list, their name would not show on the contact list.

It will be written over there to invite them to WhatsApp. Hence, when you'll click on the contact, a text invite message will be sent to join the WhatsApp group.





WhatsApp automatically recognizes the contacts that are present in your phonebook list and shows them on your WhatsApp list. Therefore, to add a new person to your WhatsApp, you just simply have to save that person’s phone number in your phonebook.

If you are a new user and wondering how to do this then follow the below-mentioned steps one after another and in no time you will able to converse with your favorite people by getting them added on your WhatsApp list.

Steps to add someone to WhatsApp on Android

Steps to follow-:

1. Open your phone address book- Go to your phone contacts and save the phone number of the person whom you want to add on your WhatsApp.

2. Check if the number is local or international- It’s important to see if the number that you want to add is local or international. If it is local, save it in the same format as you would dial that number. If it is international, you need to save it in international format- [country code] [ Phone number].

3. Open WhatsApp- Once you are done with saving that person’s phone number, open WhatsApp. It’s a green app with a chat bubble icon and a white phone at the center. If this is your first time opening WhatsApp, you need to register first by providing your phone number and name.

4. Go to Contacts option- Click on the Green Chats tab present at the bottom right corner of the page. Here, you will see a list of all the people that are present in your phone contacts.

5. Click on three vertical dots- On the top right corner, you will see three vertical dots. Click on it.

6. Go to “Refresh”- In the dropdown list, click on “Refresh” option. This will refresh your contact list and will update it with new contacts if you have saved new phone numbers in your phonebook.

7. Find the new contact in your contact list- Once you refresh the WhatsApp page, you can now look for that new person by sliding down your list or by directly searching for the person’s name by clicking on search icon present at top right corner of the page, besides those three vertical dots.

To avoid any problems, one must make sure that WhatsApp has access to your phone contacts. If that is not the case, then change your WhatsApp settings to access your contacts.

How to invite someone to WhatsApp on Android

WhatsApp is fun to use once you have got all your favorite people in your WhatsApp list. It leads you to interact easily with these people and exchange important information.

Although, there might be cases when people whom you want to interact with, are not present on WhatsApp or maybe they might still be present on WhatsApp but are not using it. In such a situation, WhatsApp allows you to invite your friends through a variety of ways, so that you can have them added on your WhatsApp list, to make your chatting experience worthwhile.

Steps to invite someone -:
1. Open WhatsApp- Tap on the WhatsApp, it is a green chat bubble icon, to invite your friends.
2. Tap on three Vertical dots icon- Tap on the three vertical dots icon present at top right corner of the page.
3. Go to Settings- Tap on “Settings” from the bottom of the dropdown list, that appears after tapping on three vertical dots.
4. Go to “Invite a friend”- On the settings page, tap on “Invite a friend”.
5. Choose invite option- You will come across various invite options to invite your friends to join WhatsApp. It could be through Messages, Instagram, Snapchat, Hike or any other app that is present in your contacts.
6. Choose the person to invite- Once you choose your invite option, you will come across a list of your friends. Tap in front of the name of the person whom you want to invite. He will be sent an invitation request from your side to your friend, he can confirm and join WhatsApp.

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