How to Restore WhatsApp Backup from Google Drive

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A lot of times you lose your WhatsApp chats which can be a very bothersome issue for people who have a lot of personal data in their chat. This scenario can occur in many cases. Sometimes you change your mobile phone. Other times you might just need a break from Whatsapp and therefore uninstall it. No matter what the reason is if you have removed WhatsApp from your phone and are reinstalling it you might want your old WhatsApp Data to restore on your mobile device.

  • It is very easy to restore WhatsApp backup from Google Drive. Google Drive is the cloud storage where you can easily backup your WhatsApp data and get it back whenever needed.
  • This can be done by following a few simple steps. Let's discuss a step-by-step tutorial to achieve.

Backup & Restore WhatsApp on Android via Google Drive

 Restore WhatsApp Backup from Google Drive in Simple Step

Step 1 - Uninstall your WhatsApp and again install it: First of all you will have to re-install your WhatsApp application on your mobile device.

This step is assuming that you already have backed up your previous WhatsApp data before uninstalling it for whatsoever reason. 

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Step 2 - Type your phone number: Once you have been installed Whatsapp on your mobile phone you will be asked to verify your phone number. For this, you will be given an option to enter your mobile number with the accurate country code.

  • Type your phone number in the column provided and choose the right country code. You can change your old number at this point as well.

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Step 3 - Enter the verification code that you will receive on your phone number: After completing this step, WhatsApp will send a verification code on your mobile number in your SMS box. copy that code and enter it in the space provided in the WhatsApp application.

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Step 4-It will show backup found: Make sure that you have provided the same phone number that you were using for WhatsApp and which has all your account data.

  • Once the number gets matched WhatsApp will show you that there is a backup found for this mobile number.
  • This backup can either be in local mobile storage or from your Google Drive.
  • In case this is your new mobile phone the backup can only be found on your Drive storage.

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Step 5 - Click on restore: Whatsapp pay now provide you an option for this backup data to stop clicking on the restore option. Make sure that you do not click on skip because you will not be provided this option later on at any stage.

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Step 6- Your backup will start restoring: Your backup will start getting restored old. It will take some time do not close the app during that time wait for how much time it takes for all the data to be restored correctly

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  • This feature of WhatsApp helps you to never lose any data that you have backed up on your Google drive.
  • This data includes all your messages contacts and even the media file that you have shared over WhatsApp.
  • The messages get restored first and then the media files will be getting restored in the background for a while.
  • Give it some time and do not worry if the media files do not appear as soon as the backup completes.

This feature only works find if you are well aware of the backing up process and regularly backup your data or at least backup it once before uninstalling WhatsApp from your mobile

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