How to Change WhatsApp Lock

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Do you want to change WhatsApp lock? Whatsapp is a chatting app that gives you an option to have your chats safely protected by end-to-end encryption. It also allows you to set a security PIN that will verify it is you if you change your device or register your mobile number on the app next time. You can also put a lock on your WhatsApp application to increase privacy protection.

  • This is an easy way to keep your Whatsapp chats protected on your mobile phone from others who might have access to your mobile phone.
  • In this article, we will tell you how you can avail of the feature for setting Whatsapp PIN.

How to Change Pin in 2 Step Verification on WhatsApp

Change WhatsApp Lock in 5 Steps

Step 1 - Open WhatsApp: To begin with the process, you will first have to open the Whatsapp app. This expects you to have an already registered Whatsapp account and the app to be already installed on your phone.

  • To open the app, you will have to scroll through the list of installed apps on your mobile phone.
  • Once you find the icon for Whatsapp, tap on it once. This icon will look like a green-colored circle with a telephone receiver within it.

Change WhatsApp Lock Step 1

Step 2. Tap on 3 dots: The list of chats shows on the first page that comes on your screen after you open the program. Three white dots can be found in the upper right corner of this page.

In imo, this is the contact symbol. Once, tap on it. In WhatsApp, this icon is used to open the menu.

Change WhatsApp Lock Step 2

Step 3 - Tap on settings: When you click on the three white dots, a pop-up menu will display in the upper right corner. Look for the settings options in this pop-up menu.

It will be the menu's penultimate choice, appearing shortly after the payment option. The settings menu can be accessed by tapping on settings. Click on it once.

Change WhatsApp Lock Step 3

Step 4 - Tap on account: After visiting the settings menu, your smartphone screen will display a selection of options once more. Account settings will be the first choice. This feature can be used to control account security and privacy. Select this option by tapping it.

Change WhatsApp Lock Step 4

Step 5 - Tap on two-step verification: After entering the account menu, you will see another menu that will list the options you can use to change your account’s settings.

This list will have an option that will read as “two-step verification”. You need to click on it to proceed further with the process of changing your WhatsApp lock.

Change WhatsApp Lock Step 5

Step 6 - Tap on change PIN: Once you are done with the last step, the Whatsapp interface will redirect you to a new page that will notify you that your two-step verification is enabled fr your account.

  • Here you will be given two options. The first one will be to disable this feature. The second option will be for changing the PIN. Click on it.
  • Now you can change the PIN that you have already selected and make it anything according to your own choice.

Change WhatsApp Lock Step 6

You have now successfully changed the WhatsApp lock PIN for your account. It will help you keep your account protected from any unwanted means or threats who can get access to your mobile number.

Make sure to remember the new PIN because even you won’t be allowed access to your WhatsApp account if you don’t provide this pin while re-registering your number.

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