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You can delete WhatsApp wallpaper and go back to basics if you are done with using colorful wallpapers. You might have changed WhatsApp home screen wallpaper because it usually feels very plain. Changing WhatsApp wallpaper gives a personalized touch to our chats and we feel good with all the color popping. Now, you might be feeling it's too much color and feel like going back to basics. In that case, you need to delete the wallpaper and get back to WhatsApp's default wallpaper that is very light. Do it along with us through these steps.

Change Whatsapp Wallpaper on iPhone

Delete WhatsApp Wallpaper: 5 Steps

Step-1 Go to WhatsApp: Well, to work around with WhatsApp wallpaper, you surely need the application. So, open your regular texting and conversation application, WhatsApp.

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Step-2 Tap and Open the Chat: Firstly, locate the chat for which you do not want the personalized colorful wallpaper anymore.

  • If you have set different wallpapers for almost all the regular chats, then tap on anyone and open it.
  • You can even do trial and error of opening the chats to see if you have made changes to the wallpaper if you do not remember.
  • Once you find the chat for which you want to delete WhatsApp wallpaper, open it and go further.

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Step-3 Three-Dots Icon: Now, you need to tap on the three-dots icon present at the top-right corner of the chat screen. It will open a list of options that will help our process of deleting the wallpaper.

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Step-4 Wallpaper: Here, in the drop-down menu, click on the wallpaper option to go to all the settings that you can do for wallpaper on WhatsApp.

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Step-5 Default Wallpaper: Here you reach the settings of custom wallpaper. There is a bright category, a dark category, solid colors, and my photos category.

  • To delete WhatsApp wallpaper, you need to look below those categories.
  • There is an option of default wallpaper. Click on that.
  • By clicking on that, WhatsApp shows you a preview of how the wallpaper will look. It is a simple cartoon wallpaper that looks mostly plain cream in color.
  • You can see icons and line drawings of different shapes only on close observation.
  • There is an option of set wallpaper below this preview. Click on that and the wallpaper will be set to basic and the personalized one deleted.

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To Sum it Up,

WhatsApp is a very basic and regular application nowadays. Mostly everyone has to use it for some or other purpose. So if you have to open it daily and see it, you must get a soothing sight. You decide if you like basic or colorful. You can change and delete wallpaper at any time.

  • And no, by changing the wallpaper of one chat, you do not affect others until you want to.
  • Thus, you can keep different wallpapers for different chats.
  • You can choose to apply it to all chats if you want after clicking on the 'set wallpaper' option.
  • WhatsApp will ask you if you want to apply wallpaper deletion changes to the current chat only or to all the chats. Select accordingly before you decide to apply.

And did you know, you can change the WhatsApp keyboard too to add fun to your daily usage activity of WhatsApp? So, try it and know how something funky and colorful makes you feel.

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