How to Hide WhatsApp Status

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WhatsApp allows you to share photos and videos with all of your contacts. Photos and videos you share as WhatsApp Status updates are only available for a short period of time (approximately 24 hours) before being immediately erased.

Further, to hide your status from others, simply change your status privacy settings. However, if you don't want your WhatsApp contacts to see your status, you can easily hide it from everyone or only show it to your contacts under the app's settings. Let's see how to do it.

Hide Whatsapp Status in 6 Easy Steps

Step-1 Open Whatsapp: To begin, first let's start by opening WhatsApp. Click on 'Whatsapp' to open it on your device.

Open whatsapp app

Step-2 Tap on status: Then, beside chats, as you can see on your screen 'Status' is visible. To hide your status from others click on 'Status'.

Click on status

Step-3 Now, click on the three dots: Further, in the top right corner, three dots are present. Click on the 'three dots' option to proceed.

Click on the three dots in the top right corner

Step-4 Click on status privacy: From there, two options will appear on your screen namely, status privacy & settings. Now, to hide your status click on 'Status Privacy'

Click on status privacy

Step-5 Click on only share with: Furthermore, in status privacy, click on 'Only Share with'. By choosing this option you can only share your status with whom you would like to share.

Click on only share with, so that you can only share your status with whom you would like to share and will be hidden from the rest

Step-6 Click on done: We're almost there. Now, select all the contacts with whom you wish to share your status. And click on 'Done'.

Tap done

To conclude, you can hide your status and just share it with a selected few people of your choice. The WhatsApp status is visible for 24 hours but you can delete WhatsApp status earlier as well. This comes in handy when you want to upload status and share them with only a few. You can always edit the list of contact and add or remove contacts from the list.

What Happens After I Hide My WhatsApp Status?

If you don't want others to know when you're online, you can hide your WhatsApp online status. Everyone can see your online status on WhatsApp by default, but you may change this in the app's settings. However, you won't be able to see other people's online status if you hide your online status on WhatsApp.

How to change the 'About' status on WhatsApp for my contacts only?

Set the settings to My contacts, and your About will only be visible to your WhatsApp connections. You must ensure that you follow the instructions outlined above. Just make sure that settings are set to 'My Contacts'. Hence, only your contacts will be able to see your Whatsapp status information now.

Is it possible to hide the Bluetick on WhatsApp?

One can easily disable blue ticks on WhatsApp. The presence of blue ticks indicates that you have read the texts. You can disable the blue ticks on WhatsApp. First, go to the Account section of the settings menu. Then you must turn off the read receipt option if it is enabled. Consequently, nobody will know if you read the texts or not now.




For Old App Users 

If you want to hide the WhatsApp statues to specific persons, there is an option available in the privacy features. Follow the steps below to hide WhatsApp status from your contacts.

Hide WhatsApp Status

1. Launch WhatsApp: Tap on the WhatsApp icon in the main menu. 

2. Open dot menu: Now go to the WhatsApp main window, and tap over the three dots. hide whatsapp status

3. Go to Settings: Tap on the settings option. hide whatsapp status4. Go to Account: Tap on the Account option at the top. hide whatsapp status5. Go to Privacy: Tap on the privacy settings in the list of options shown. hide whatsapp status6. Status option: Tap on the status option shown. hide whatsapp status7. Select the Viewers: Now you will be shown three options. Select ‘only share with’ option and select the people you want to share or leave it blank. hide whatsapp status  In conclusion, WhatsApp is constantly moving from text options to image or video options. This status option has increased the usage of videos and images by many users. If you cannot find the status option, you need to update your WhatsApp to latest version.

Delete Whatsapp Status

Download WhatsApp Status

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