How to Create WhatsApp Backup

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Damaged or Drowned? Planning to change your phone? or Whatsapp data erased? No worries! Whatsapp has the feature of backing up the data. In this article let’s explore methods for backing up. There are four methods of backing up. You can back it up to your phone, PC or cloud storage.

How to Backup and Restore Whatsapp Messages


WhatsApp Backup

Method 1: Create WhatsApp backup on Android Phones

In android phones, you can take back up locally or over Google Drive google storage. If you back up in the Google Drive, automatically local backup will also be created. 

Step 1:  Open Whatsapp and tap the three dots in the upper right corner whatsapp backup

Step 2:  Tap Settings in drop-down menu. whatsapp backupStep 3: Tap Chats whatsapp backup

WhatsApp backup to Google Drive 

In cloud backing up methods, you have to select whether to do the backup over Mobile Data or Wifi. Google gives online cloud storage capacity to its users, so Google account is mandatory for doing this backup.  

Online Storage is given through Google Drive. It has default storage capacity of 15 GB. Google Play Services must be enabled on your android phone for this. To do backup on Google Drive,

  • Select Back up to Google Drive to Daily or Weekly
  • Select the google account if you have already logged in and tap allow if asked
  • Check the include videos box, if you want to back up videos
  • Select Wi-Fi or Mobile data
  • Tap the green color text Back up.

whatsapp backup If it is the first time you are backing up it will take longer time to finish. Wait for the backup to finish. After finishing, you will be shown “Last Backup: Today”

WhatsApp backup on the Local drive

Local Backup can be found in the folder “\sdcard\Whatsapp\database”. You can copy this to your computer or any other permanent storage. To restore the conversations, copy the above database to the same folder, then uninstall and install Whatsapp and login with the same phone number. To do local backup

  • Select Back up to Google Drive option to "never"
  • Check the include videos box, if you want to back up videos
  • Select Wi-Fi or Mobile data
  • Tap the green color text Back up.

For the first time it will take few more minutes to finish, so wait until it finished and says that last backed up today.

Method 3: WhatsApp backup on Apple iPhones (iOS)

Similar to Google Drive cloud storage, Apple phone users have iCloud storage. All you have do is to log in to your iCloud account and do the following steps to create a backup. 

Step 1: Goto settings iCloud settings Tap on the iCloud button to turn on iCloud 

Step 2: Goto Whatsapp Settings (Lower Right Corner Option)  Chats & Calls  Chat Backup 

Step 3:

  • If you want to back up videos check include videos option shown
  • Select Wi-Fi or Mobile data
  • Tap the green color text Back up.

First time it will load for a little longer time, once finished it will show you that It was backed up today.

Method 4: WhatsApp backup on PC

If you want to back up your Whatsapp conversations, you have to install Backuptrans application on your computer. After backing up your conversations, you can view it in PC and print. 

Step 1: Goto the following link and download the .exe file -

Step 2: Install the .exe file and launch the Backuptrans application in computer 

Step 3:  Now connect your android phone to PC, using USB cable, and enable USB Debugging in the settings. Now, you will be able to see the Whatsapp history on the computer. 

Step 4:

  • Click on the phone name in the left pane of the software.
  • Now click back up now to get the messages backed up on the computer.
  • Name the database for your convenience.
  • Now you can view the conversations, print it and so on. 

Using these methods, you will never lose the Whatsapp data. Among all the methods, the two cloud storage methods are trustworthy. After Initial backup, every backup is incremental, so the time for backing up will be less.

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