How to Enable Voice Typing in Whatsapp

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You must have used Alexa or Google Assistant for voice searching and commanding. Did you know that WhatsApp allows you to voice type your message? Instead of typing a message or calling someone on WhatsApp, learn to enable voice typing on WhatsApp. It is a very easy and convenient way to type. You just have to speak your message and it will be sent. This guide will help you set up the voice typing feature and after that, just command your phone to type messages for you.

How to Dictate WhatsApp Messages

Enable Voice Typing on WhatsApp in 6 Steps

Step-1 Open WhatsApp App: We must face our problems, right? So, our problem is with WhatsApp. Or to say we want WhatsApp to provide us with a new feature. So, we will have to open that application. If you are looking to voice type, you must be having the application.

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Step-2 Tap on any Chat: Tap on any chat on opening the WhatsApp application. To activate the voice type feature for the keyboard, you need to open the keyboard in any chat. So, open a chat from the list of various chats and click on the chat box so that the keyboard is active.

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Step-3 Go to Settings: On top of the letters on the keyboard, there is a settings option. This settings option is different from general settings. This will take you further to keyboard settings. So, click on it.

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Step-4 Click on Voice Typing: You will see certain options. From that list, click on the voice typing option.

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Step-5 Enable Use Voice Typing Feature: There is an option for the feature 'Use Voice Typing.' It has an on/off slider beside it. Turn it on and shift it to the right end to enable the voice typing feature in WhatsApp.

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Step-6 The Mic Option Becomes Available: Once you do this, go back to WhatsApp if you are not redirected. Now, when you open the keyboard in a chat, you will see a mic option inside the keyboard itself. This helps in voice typing.

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How to Use Voice Typing?

Once you get the mic icon inside the feature, your voice typing is sorted. All you have to do is click on the mic and start speaking. It will type whatever you speak. Once you have voice typed your message well, hit the send button as usual. You can use this feature for all your chats for easier typing. Make sure you speak the words gradually so that the message types clearly in the first go.

How Is Voice Typing Different from Audio Message?

In the Audio Message feature of WhatsApp, the message goes to the receiver as an audio file. They hear your voice and you speak the message. However, by using the voice typing feature, your messages get typed in the chatbox. You send them as you normally message on WhatsApp. Just like a text message. The only difference is instead of using your keyboard keys to input the text message, you use your voice as an input.

Try the voice typing feature and see how it becomes easy for you to type messages. It is most helpful when you are using Indic keyboards. Typing your native language on a keyboard is very tough. However, your speaking and the system typing makes it an easier proces.

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