How to Change WhatsApp Number

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Do you want to change WhatsApp number? That must be the question that is troubling millions of WhatsApp users around the world. The fact is, you can easily change your old/current WhatsApp number to a new one, but before we take you through how you can actually go about doing this, we will try to answer the question that has been bugging you for some time now.

  • Whatsapp let your details to migrate from the old WhatsApp number to new Whatsapp number without losing your account info, groups, and settings.
  • Old WhatsApp number will be deleted and all the details of your chat history and other details will be kept with your new number.

  • After the migration, your friends need not to change your number in the contacts to get connected with you in Whatsapp. Now it's changing automatically. In this article, we going see, how to change WhatsApp number, step by step.

Change your WhatsApp number in 7 steps

You have to check whether your new phone number is working or not and after that check if it has an active data connection. You have to check whether your old phone number is currently verified with the Whatsapp.

Step 1 - Open WhatsApp on your device: The first step is to open the messaging app on your device- Android/iOS. You can do this by tapping on the round green icon as shown in the picture below. Doing this will open the app on your device.

Change your WhatsApp number step 1

Step 2- Tap on the 3 dots button present on top right corner: Step 2 to change the WhatsApp number is to click on the three vertical dots present on the top right corner of your app screen. Doing so will result in a drop-down menu at the top right corner.

Change your WhatsApp number step 2

Step 3- Tap on ''Settings'': Now, from this drop-down menu click on the last option which is of Settings. When you will click on Settings, a new menu will appear on the app screen.

Change your WhatsApp number step 3

Step 4 - Click on ''Account'': In the new menu, a list of options will appear. You have to select the first option that is of Account as step number 4.

Change your WhatsApp number step 4

Step 5 - Tap on ''Change Number'': The next step is to select the option of Change number. Just tap on it to select this option.

Change your WhatsApp number step 5

Step 6- Tap on ''Next'': A green color box will appear on the screen with "NEXT" on it as shown in the picture below. Just tap on it.

Change your WhatsApp number step 6

Step 7 - Enter your old phone number in first column and enter your new phone number in the next column. Your phone number will be changed : 

The seventh and last step is to add the new number. There will be two columns in the dialog box. In the first column, you have to type in your old number and in the second column, you have to enter the new number. Then click on next. WhatsApp will then ask you if you want all your contacts to notify this. Select on the prompt that is suitable for you and then finally click on 'DONE.' Doing so will change your WhatsApp number.

Change your WhatsApp number step 7


  • One thing you have to keep in mind is that this process will delete your account from your old phone. So, you have to ensure that all your Whatsapp contacts have your new mobile number to remain connected.
  • If you own a cell phone, then you use WhatsApp most likely. WhatsApp is the best Instant Messenger app to have fun with your friends and family.
  • Keep in mind that WhatsApp is entirely free, however, you have no option but to share your personal cellphone number with all your contacts as well as let them know about your changing status! But, what happens when you wish to change the number? What’s the process of changing your number with WhatsApp?
  • We hope this article will help you explore those important things to change WhatsApp number from the original number. If you have any other doubts regarding WhatsApp and its functions then please let us know in the comments below. We will be happy to guide you.

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