How to See who Voted on WhatsApp Poll

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An interesting feature on WhatsApp is poll. Through this feature you can quickly take the opinion of a large number of people through voting. If you haven't tried this feature, create a WhatsApp group and try this feature right now. But it's important to know how you can see who voted on WhatsApp poll. For that, here we have covered 4 steps through which you can do it.

See who Voted on WhatsApp Poll: 4 Steps

Step 1- Open WhatsApp: The first step is extremely simple. You just need to open WhatsApp. You can do it in two ways:

  • You can either get the app from Playstore. For this you need to open Playstore on your device. Type WhatsApp in the search bar and download the app.
  • Or, you can access WhatsApp through the Web version on your PC. For this, you simply need to type in Google's search bar on your PC.
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Step 2- Open Chat: In the next step, you need to open Chat window on WhatsApp. After this, you need to go to the contact chat to whom you have sent the Poll.

  • Once you open the contact chat, you will be able to view the poll.
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Step 3- Tap on View Vote: Once you are able to see the poll you have sent, you need to find the option View votes in the bottom of the Poll you have sent.

  • Click on View votes.
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Step 4- See Who Voted: After you click on View Votes, you will be able to see the names of the individuals who have polled their votes.

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Follow these four steps and you are good to see who Voted on WhatsApp Poll. But if you still think you have a doubt – we got you covered. Read on to get the FAQs. Likewise, if you want to learn how you can delete WhatsApp group as admin, do it in a few simple steps.


How many options can I give in my WhatsApp poll?

You can give upto 12 options on your WhatsApp poll.

Can all the participants in the group see the votes on the poll?

That's right, all the participants in the group can see the results of the poll.

Can the participants in the group select multiple options as their poll?

That's right, participants in a group can choose multiple options as their answer to the poll.

I am not able to see the WhatsApp poll option on my app, what to do?

Make sure that you have the latest version of the WhatsApp app. If you do not have have the latest version, you'll not see the Poll option.

Is the WhatsApp poll updated every time a user votes?

That's right, every time a person polls, the poll shows the new and updated results. This means that your poll doesn't remain stagnant. It changes every time a person polls on the question you've posted.

These frequently asked questions will make it easy for you to understand how polling works on WhatsApp.

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