How to Add Existing group in Whatsapp Community

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The process to Add Existing group in the WhatsApp community is very simple. You can do it by going inside the group and then selecting the "add groups" option. Additionally, you will get the option to add an existing group, and from there, you can choose the group you want to add now. Lastly, tap on the check mark icon to add them. Moreover, add groups to the WhatsApp community to make the community bigger.

Add Existing group in the WhatsApp community in 6 easy steps:

Step 1: Open WhatsApp: First, open the WhatsApp application on to your mobile. If you don't have the application installed on your mobile, please download it from the Play Store or Apple Store. You need to have a stable internet connection to run the WhatsApp application.

Image  Titled add existing group in Whatsapp community Step 1

Step 2: Tap on the Community: Secondly, slide right after opening the application and tap on the community. The community option is available on the left beside Chats only. See the picture to understand the process better.

Image  Titled add existing group in Whatsapp community Step 2

Step 3: Tap on Add group: However, you have to scroll down and tap on add group. The add group option is located after the name of the members.

Image  Titled add existing group in Whatsapp community Step 3

Step 4: Tap on Add existing group: The next step that comes after tapping on add group is to tap on add existing groups option. See the arrow indicating the option in the attached image. Moreover, tap on it to add previous groups.

Image  Titled add existing group in Whatsapp community Step 4

Step 5: Choose the Group: You have to choose the group which you want to add. There are many group options available. Additionally, you choose one option to add them. Follow the image given below.

Image  Titled add existing group in Whatsapp community Step 5

Step 6: Tap on the Arrow icon: Lastly, tap on the arrow icon present on the right side of your screen to make sure you add an existing group. Prefer the image below as a reference.

Image  Titled add existing group in Whatsapp community Step 6

You can see the six steps above that are necessary to add an existing group to the WhatsApp community. Moreover, follow it correctly to add a previous group. The steps are short and clear.


How can I join a WhatsApp group that I left behind?

You can request that the group admin re-invite you and reassign you as a group admin. Moreover, change the WhatsApp group invite link to give the link to the new members.

How do I get my groups back?

Tap on the entry for the group's first deletion in your "Recent activity" feed. If you want to restore your group, the app will ask you to do so.

What happens if the WhatsApp group's admin leaves?

Keep in mind that if you are the only group admin and you decide to leave a group, another member will be chosen at random to take your place.

Can the WhatsApp group owner be kicked out?

The number of admins in a group is limitless. A group's original creator cannot be demoted; until they leave the group, they will continue to serve as an admin. Moreover, add someone on WhatsApp on Android if they leave the group.

Can a WhatsApp group have two administrators?

A group may have as many administrators as desired.

Lastly, after reading the most frequently asked questions about this topic, you will get to know how to add an existing group in the WhatsApp community. Therefore, make sure you do all six steps mentioned in the first portion to know the full process.

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