Technology boon or bane? Many people get bored of the intervention of technology in their regular life. They want to go to the olden days that were, golden days by being peaceful. Yes, they decide to quit the technology starting by deleting their social media accounts like Whatsapp or Facebook. 

Some people find some other messenger service like Hike, Snapchat. If you are one of them, in this article we have decided to help you. Let’s see how to delete Whatsapp account. Deleting your Whatsapp account will

  • Permanently delete their account info and profile info
  • Delete your chat history
  • Delete your account from all Whatsapp groups
  • Delete you Google Drive or iCloud backup

Deleting Whatsapp account is an irreversible process, even if you have done it by accident. Follow the steps below to delete your account in Whatsapp in Android phones.

How to Delete Your WhatsApp Account in Android

Step 1: Tap on the Whatsapp icon in your menu, now you will be shown the Whatsapp main window with three menus. Delete WhatsApp Account

Step 2: Tap on the three dots in the upper right corner. Delete WhatsApp Account

Step 3: Goto settings option. Delete WhatsApp Account   Step 4: Tap on Account. Delete WhatsApp AccountStep 5: Tap on Delete my account. Delete WhatsApp AccountStep 6: Enter your mobile number with country code and tap on Delete My Account. Further, you have to answer the question, why are you leaving? and then again select Delete My Account. Delete WhatsApp Account

How to Delete WhatsApp Account in iPhone

If you are using iPhone, follow the steps below to delete your Whatsapp account 

Step 1: Tap on the Whatsapp icon. how to Delete WhatsApp AccountStep 2: Tap on the setting option in the lower right corner. how to Delete WhatsApp AccountStep 3: Go to Account and in the options, you will be able to see the Delete My Account option. Delete WhatsApp AccountStep 4: Tap on the Delete My Account option.Delete WhatsApp AccountStep 5: You will be asked feedback, you have to enter your phone number with country code and tap next over Delete my account. Delete WhatsApp AccountStep 6: Enter some reason for deleting the account and tap next. Delete WhatsApp AccountStep 7: Confirm deleting by tapping over Delete my account option prompted. Delete WhatsApp AccountCan I get my account back? You cannot get the same account back. You can enter your mobile number again will create new Whatsapp account for your mobile number. It will not have any trace of old data.