How to Leave a WhatsApp Group

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We all are participants of various groups in WhatsApp. But there are times when we want to leave a WhatsApp group. It is not much of a work to leave a WhatsApp group. Follow this article to get a detailed step by step guide about how to leave a WhatsApp group on an android device.

Steps to Leave a WhatsApp Group on Android

1. Open WhatsApp - To leave a WhatsApp group, you will have to open WhatsApp on your android device first.

2. Open the Group - After you open WhatsApp, it will show you the chat page. From here you will have to search for the particular group you wish to leave. You can do that by scrolling down. Or you can head over to the search menu at the top and type the name of the group there.

3. Open the Group - The next step will be to open the WhatsApp group. After opening it, look up on the screen. You will find the group details there, for instance the name of the group and the members.

4. Open the Group Details - Tap on the group details. A page with the name, picture( if any ) and the members of the group will pop up.

5. Exit Group - Scroll down to the bottom of the page. You can view two options there. If you are sure about leaving the group, click on the option "exit group" given there.

6. Choose the Correct Option - After clicking on the exit group option, WhatsApp will give you three options. You will have to choose your desired option from there. For instance, if you are too keen on leaving the group, choose exit. If you don't wish to participate much but don't want to leave either, then choose mute instead. If you have come here by mistake and have no intention of leaving the group, click on cancel.

7. Delete Group - After leaving the WhatsApp group, it will show that you have been removed from the group. Because of that now you will not be able to participate in that group anymore. You can permanently remove the traces of that group as well. In order to do that, delete the group from the option given below. When you do this, you will not have any details of the WhatsApp group anymore.

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