How to Change Column Color in Google Sheets Chart

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In this article, we will learn how to change column color in the google sheets chart.

Well, are you also bored of that monotonic sheet and want to add colors to it? we got you covered. In Google Sheets, you have a variety of options for coloring cells that will help you make your spreadsheet more visually appealing and easy to read.

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Change Column Color in Google Sheets Chart: 5 Steps

Step 1 - open the google sheets app: Let’s proceed on how Change Column Color in Google Sheets Chart. We’ll go step by step to make it easier to understand.

  • Click on the Google sheets app and open it.
  • You can download it and create a google sheet on mobile or you can simply search in your browser “google sheets” to create one file.
  • Next, create a new spreadsheet or select the one on which you want to work.

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Step 2 - Select any column to change color: When you open Google Sheets, you’ll see a list of your sheets. You need to create a new Google sheet if there is no sheet. Create one or choose the one you want to change color in Google Sheets.

  • Now, Click on a column’s heading to choose it. You can either choose one column or more than one.
  • Drag the mouse across the column headings to pick multiple contiguous columns. Alternatively, select the first column and then choose the last column while holding down the Shift key.
  • To pick non-contiguous columns, click the first column’s heading and then click the headings of the subsequent columns you wish to choose while holding down the Ctrl key.

Let's begin by changing the colour of a single cell. When we talk about altering the colour of a cell, we're talking about changing the cell's backdrop colour.

image titled Change Column Color in Google Sheets Chart 2

Step 3 - Click on the fill color icon: Next, you'll see multiple options on your screen. Since we want to fill color in the chosen column, we will click on the bucket-like looking icon which basically means the different colors that we want to fill in we can choose it from here.

image titled Change Column Color in Google Sheets Chart 3

Step 4 - Select any color: Here comes the fun part, now you can choose any color from the color pallet and make your sheets sorted. You can select different colors for different columns. Let's click on the orange color for instance. And let's wait for the magic to happen.

image titled Change Column Color in Google Sheets Chart 4

Step 5 - Your column color will be changed: Viola! as a result, you can see that we managed to change the color of the entire column. We can choose different colors for each column or row as per our wishes. You can do the same.

image titled Change Column Color in Google Sheets Chart 5

To conclude, To modify the color of a column in Google Sheets, click on the letter at the top of the column you wish to color to select the entire column of cells, then open the "Fill color" menu and choose the color you want.

This can be helpful to segregate data easily. Color-changing cells in a spreadsheet can be useful visual assistance for swiftly reviewing data in some cases. It's quite simple to set up this feature in Google Sheets such that a cell changes color depending on the data.

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