How to Change Font Style in Google Sheets

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Make your Google Sheets prettier by learning how to change font style in sheets! If you want, you can also change the cell color in your sheet. Green, blue or pink, choose any color that attracts your attention! Let's beautify our sheets to give your sheet a casual, professional, or any other look with the fonts with the help of this article.

How to Change the Default Font in Google Sheets

Change Font Style in Sheets in 5 Steps

Step-1 Open Your Spreadsheet: To change the font style in google sheets, you have to first open the sheet in which you want to change it.

There are two options which mean that you can open the Google sheet in two ways:

  • Either you can download the Google Sheets app and then open the sheet in the app.
  • Or, you can open the sheet in your web browser with the help of the link of the particular Google sheet.
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Step-2 Select The Cell/Text To Change Font: Then in the next step, you have to simply select the cell in which you want to change the font style.

  • Selecting the cell is not a very hectic technique.
  • Just click on the cell.
  • And, the cell would be selected right away.
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Step-3 Click Here As Shown: Now, go to the 'Toolbar' on the top of the sheet. Then, click on the font style tab where it is written 'Default'.

You can refer to the below picture for more understanding.

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Step-4 Select Your 'Font Style': Now, you can choose any font style from the list that appears on your screen.

Also, you have to make sure that you choose the appropriate font style to match the theme of your information.

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Step-5 Your Font Style is Changed: That was all! The font size in the particular cell that you selected in your Google sheet is now changed successfully.

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How to Change the Default Font in Google Sheets


How Can I Set the Default Font to 'Calibri' in Google Sheets?

To reset the default font to 'Calibri' in Google Sheets, do the following:

  • Open up your Google sheet.
  • Then, click on the 'Format' tab from the top.
  • Choose the 'Theme' option from here.
  • Then, tap on 'Customize'.
  • Now, just choose the font you want as standard.
  • Finally, click on 'Done'.

Can I Change the Default Font in an Excel Spreadsheet?

Just like Google spreadsheet, you can also change the default font in your excel file in the following steps:

  • Go to the 'File' tab in your excel spreadsheet.
  • In the Excel section here, click on 'Options'.
  • Go to the 'General' category now.
  • Then, under the 'When creating new workbooks, do the following things- In the 'Use this font' box, click the font that you want to use.
  • Just click on 'OK' to apply the changes.

How Can I Format Text in Google Sheets?

Read the following steps and you will learn how to format text in Google Sheets!

  • Open your Google sheet in the app.
  • Tap on a cell to select it.
  • Then, drag the blue markers across nearby cells if you want to select multiple cells.
  • Then, go to 'Format'.
  • In the 'Text' tab, choose an option to format your text from the options given there.
  • From the 'Cell' tab, again choose an option to format your cell.
  • Finally, save your changes.

How Can I Customize Google Sheets Theme?

The following steps will teach you how to customize the Google sheets theme:

  • Open a spreadsheet in Google Sheets website or your application.
  • Then, click on 'Format' from the top.
  • From the list, choose the 'Theme' option.
  • From here, choose an available theme or you can also click on 'Customize' to create your own theme. In this way, you can set theme in Google sheets.






Another Method

Are you someone who likes different fonts? Or someone who cannot take boring fonts? Well, you can change the font style in Google Sheets and make your lists look more appealing to your eyes. Different types of fonts give different impressions. Based on the situation and purpose of creating a google sheet, you should select its font. You can change the mood of your document by just changing the font.

So, know your purpose well and then go further. Don't worry, it is certainly easy and fun to change font style in Google Sheets. To do this, just follow the below-given steps and you will subsequently get the hang of it. Let us look at four steps that will help you change font style in Google Sheets and also uplift the tone of it.

Change Font Style in Google Sheets in 4 steps

Step-1 Open Google Sheets App: Open Google Sheets App on your mobile phone. Its icon is a green sheet of paper with a white square over it. The square is divided into four equal cells

  • . You can see the icon in the image given below.
  • Your application should be updated. Give it time to load properly.

image titled Change Font Style in Google Sheets step 1

Step-2 Tap on any Cell to Change Font Size: To change the font style in Google Sheets, select an entire row or column or just a specific cell. Thus, you can either keep similar font for the entire sheet or use different fonts too.

  • To select the entire row, click on the specific number in google sheets.
  • To select an entire column, click on the specific alphabet.
  • By doing this, the changes that you make in font style will only be applied to that particular row or column.

image titled Change Font Style in Google Sheets step 2

Step-3 Tap on the A icon: On the top of the Google Sheets application, you would find a capital A with horizontal lines beside it. The icon is between a reverse arrow symbol and a plus sign.

  • You need to click on that. By clicking on that, a dialogue box will pop up at the bottom of your screen with two main options Text and Cell.
  • By default, the selection is on the text option. Thus, you don't have to change anything for that.
  • There are many functions and settings available in the dialogue box.
  • Keep scrolling down to find what you're looking for. But what you're looking for? Well, go to the next step for it.

image titled Change Font Style in Google Sheets step 3

Step-4 Tap on Font to change Font Style: On scrolling down, you will see a font option just below the text color and above conditional formatting. There will be an arrow on the right side of it.

  • By clicking on that, a list of fonts will come in front of you with their name written in the font's style.
  • So here, select the font of your liking and the font style will be changed.

image titled Change Font Style in Google Sheets step 4


You would not have to keep applying fonts and check how they look. The font name appears in the exact style. So just observe it.  You can try different fonts to see how they make your document appear. You can do trial and error if required. Try to keep different fonts for alternate rows if it is a personal and informal document. Thus, some fun is added to the document.

  • However, it is not advisable to keep a funky font if it is a formal document and shared among colleagues.
  • Because then your document is of some serious purpose.
  • Choose a simple yet attractive font for such purposes.

And at last, write something on one of the cells and check the changes in the document.

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