How to Change Google Sheets Permissions

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You can change google sheets permissions even after you've shared google sheets link to your group. This ensures the privacy of your document. And if you are the owner, only you can change the permissions. So, don't worry, if you allow or disallow certain things on your sheets, then nobody else can override it. If you don't want others to edit your google sheets and just view them, or just comment on them, you can do so. Let us go through the process with these quick and easy steps.

Change Google Sheets Permissions: 5 Steps

Step-1 Open Google Sheets: On your mobile phone, you need to access the application of google sheets. From the sheet itself, you can update or change its permissions.

  • If you are unaware of using google sheets on your mobile phone, don't worry.
  • You can install google sheets on android devices too from the play store application.

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Step-2 The People Icon: On opening google sheets, select the one for which you want to change permissions. Once the desired sheet is open, look for the icon that seems like a person on the topmost toolbar.

  • The people icon has a little plus sign over the right shoulder.
  • By clicking on that, you are taken to the permissions page.

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Step-3 The World Option: By clicking on people, you land on the sharing page. If your sheet is shared, it will show an icon of the globe or world at the bottom-left corner.

  • Click on that to go further.

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Step-4 Check the Permissions: You are on the link settings page. It reads 'anyone with the link.' When you click on that, it will show what others can do on google sheets.

  • If it is set to the editor, then anyone with the google sheet link is able to make any kind of changes to the sheet.
  • If it is Commenter, then they will be able to access the comments, add it, delete it, view it.
  • And if it is viewer, then the person can only view the sheet and cannot do anything else.

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Step-5 Click and Change: If you want to change the permissions, then click on that permission itself. That is viewer, commenter, or editor.

  • By doing so, a menu will appear at the bottom of the page having all three options.
  • The selected option has a blue tick on its right end.
  • Select the permission you want to give to others and it updates in a few seconds.

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Thus, like this, you can change the permission in google sheets. When you have shared google sheets with everyone, you need to keep a check on who can do what. This is to prevent unnecessary and unwanted changes on your sheets. For example, if it is a sensitive document like a budget, then you would not want anyone to make any little changes to it without your permission.

  • In this case, you can make them the commenter.
  • Others can add their observations and suggestions in comments and you can see them, respond to them, and make changes if it suits you.
  • In this way, it will be collaborative work along with maintaining the safety of information.

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