How to Create a New Google Sheet

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Are you ready to start entering, processing, and storing all the data and information? Well, create a new google sheet and get going. Once you know how to start a new google sheet, you can edit and format sheets as per your desires. Why is it important to use google sheets? It can be created and shared among everyone with just a simple link. It can be used for group works where everyone can share their live progress and know about how the tasks are going along. But that's a matter for afterward. Firstly, let us learn how to create a new sheet.

Google Sheet Full Tutorial

Create a New Google Sheet: 4 Steps

Step-1 Open Google Sheets App: On your mobile device, look for the icon of google sheets. It looks like an A4-size green sheet of paper. It has a white outlined square over it. Further, the square divides into four identical cells.

  • Cannot find the icon? Well, then you must download it from the play store application.
  • Open the play store. You will surely find it as it is like that compulsory application that you cannot uninstall. Its icon looks like a sleeping triangle.
  • Type in 'Google Sheets' in the search bar and wait for the described icon of google sheets to appear.
  • Once you see it, install it and open it.

Step-2 Click on the '+' Icon: On opening the google sheets application, you see a list of your created and shared google sheets. But as we want to create a new google sheet, we have to go through a little another process.

  • On the bottom right corner, you will see a plus icon.
  • It is clearly visible as it is inside a highlighted blue square. You wouldn't miss it at all.
  • Click on it and go further.

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Step-3 New Spreadsheet: Once you click on the plus sign, two options appear in front of you. One is to choose a template and the other is of a new spreadsheet.

  • So, two options to create a new google sheet! You can easily make a google sheet template by using the choose template option.
  • There are various types of templates available like calendar, time-table, budget report, daily report, attendance sheet, and so on.
  • To create a blank new sheet with empty rows and columns, click on the new spreadsheet option. As a result, you get a fresh new sheet to work on.


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Step-4 Start creating the Wonders: If you are using a template, check its options, column titles, formulas incorporated. Edit and format it as required and make the standard template your own.

  • You can use formulas and functions for statistical or mathematical functions.
  • Just start by learning how to basically use google sheets. Try changing font style, font size, merging cells, inserting a graph, inserting basic formulas, and so on.

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Google Sheets is a lot of trial and error process. You need to learn certain techniques and options. And on learning them, you need to use them, try them, see what's useful to you and what's not. Thus, like this, you can create a new google sheet and start working on them.

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