How to Make a Calendar in Google Sheets

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On your mobile device, you already have a calendar. It even allows you to enter occasions and events. But you do not feel it. You want your own personal touch. Go no far, make a google sheets calendar and add personalization to your yearly planning. You might be thinking about all the efforts it takes to create a 12-month calendar having 30 days each. Such a lengthy work, isn't it? And adding personalization on top of it, the real deal!

But what if I tell you that you just have to worry about the personalization and everything else will be readymade. Seems like a perfect deal. So, let me just give you the deal in these quick and crisp steps.

Make a Google Sheets Calendar in 4 steps

Step-1 Open Google Sheets App: To make a google sheets calendar, first of all, you would need the Google Sheets application on your mobile device. Go to the play store and search for google sheets.

  • You are looking for an icon that is green paper with a folded corner.
  • It has four identical white cells over it. Once you find it, download it, open it, and let it load.

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Step-2: Click on the + icon on the Bottom-Right Corner: When you open the Google Sheets application on your mobile device, there will be a list of documents shared with you or created by you.

  • On that page itself, you will see a plus '+' sign. The sign is inside a deep blue square, thus very easy to notice.
  • After you click on that, two options would appear in front of you. One is 'Choose Template' and the other one is 'New Spreadsheet.'

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Step-3 Click on Choose Template: As we do not want to make the calendar from scratch, we would avoid the option of a new spreadsheet. So, click on choose template.

  • You will see many different templates under different categories.
  • Each is useful for different purposes.

make a google sheet calendar

Step-4: Select 2021 Calendar: In the personal category itself, you will come across a template named '2021 Calendar.' Open it and the basic calendar will be in front of you.

  • The calendar has tabs of 2021, customizing, and of months from January 2021 to December 2021.
  • So, you can see the year 2021 as a whole. You can even go to a specific month by clicking on the tab of that month.
  • Add the events, notes, important dates on the calendar.

make a google sheet calendar

It doesn't end here. You can even customize the theme of the calendar. Images can also be added to cells to give a background. There are 16 different themes provided by Google Sheets itself. But you can change the theme from a desktop by going to the Format menu and then themes. So, what you can do on your mobile device itself? You can highlight specific dates by using fill color, change the color of the text as required, add information, add comments as required.

  • Adding images is an amazing thing to quirk up your personalized calendar.
  • What's the use? Well, if you are adding someone's birthday, you can add their picture along.
  • Festive days? Then just add some related images over those days and dates.
  • PublishedOnce you're done editing, you can use the google calendar as it is, share it with others, or get it printed for your desk at home or work.

Thus, don't wait and start to make a google sheets calendar customized as you like with these easy steps.

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