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Yes! You can change color in Google Sheets and color-code your document. A colored document always looks more attractive than a bland one. But it is not just about making your google sheets look attractive. It is about giving specific meaning and a strong message. One that cannot be neglected and clearly visible. When you use a shared Google Sheet, using colors increases efficiency. Before delving into the nitty-gritty of how color schemes can be used, let's understand how you can change color.

Change Color in Google Sheets: 4 Steps

Step-1 Open the Google Sheets App: To change the color of any cell in Google Sheets, firstly you need to access the application. The application has a green paper icon folded from the top-right corner. It even has a white outlined square on top of it.

  • If you do not find it on your phone, you need to download it.
  • Go to the play store application and search Google Sheets from the search bar.
  • Look for the described icon and install it.
  • Let it download and finally open it.

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Step-2 Tap on Any Cell: On opening the Google Sheets application, you will see a list of documents that are shared with you or created by you. Click on the document for which you want to change color.

  • After opening the document, select the cell you want to color-code.
  • If you have not decided how you will use the colored cells, select any cell to practice.
  • On reading further you will get an idea regarding how to use colored cells in Google Sheets.

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Step-3 Look for the Color-Bucket Icon: By clicking on any cell, a formatting toolbar pops up at the bottom of the page. The first bar is to add text or formula and the second one is for formatting.

  • In the second one, there will be an icon shaped like a bucket.
  • It looks like a tilted bucket that is spilling something.
  • A tiny drop is there at the bottom to signify color dropping from the bucket.
  • That is your icon to go to change color in Google Sheets.

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Step-4 Select the Color: Once you find the icon, don't wait for anything. Just tap on that and an array of colors will be in front of you. The default cell color is white.

  • On the top, you will see only 11 basic colors.
  • But, by tapping on each color, its shades are visible below it.
  • So, you have 8 shades for each color ranging from darkest to lightest.

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Now you know how to change the color in Google Sheets. But let us understand its use. For instance, you have a Google Attendance Sheet. Attendance has three main aspects, present, absent, or on leave. Now, you want a quick glance at a particular person's attendance status. For that, you would have to read every cell and make out.

  • Instead, you can set green color for Present, red color for absent, and yellow or orange for on leave.
  • Now you can just open your attendance sheet and in a glance, you can make out who has remained more absent and present.
  • Similarly, you can do this for progress reports or task sheets.
  • You can select different colors for work assigned, work pending, work approved, or work rejected. Like this, you will always stay clear about the status of anything.

So, start color-coding your Google Sheets today and see the increase in efficiency it brings.

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