How To Create Filter In Google Sheets

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Google Sheets Filters allow users to create custom formulas that can then be applied across entire sheets. It is very easy to Create Filter in Google Sheets. They allow you to work with your data more efficiently. They help you perform calculations or give you recommendations based on your inputted data. You can also use them in order to organize your data better and make changes over time without having to redo anything.

In this article, we will take a look at How To Create Filter In Google Sheets.

Create Filter In Google Sheets: 4 Steps

Step 1 - Open Google Sheets: To apply the filter in the google sheet, you first need to open the app. If you do not have the application installed on your device already, you can easily install google sheets from the play store.

  • Look for a green page folded from the top right corner in the play store. 
  • Install and open the icon once you've found it.

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Step 2 - Click on 3 Dots Icon: After you install the google sheets application from the play store, open it. On the interface, search for 3 dots in the top right corner. Click on the 3 Dots which will open a drop-down menu.

  • Settings include toggling features such as comments, sorting, column widths, etc.
  • You can hide the particular column. Above all, it becomes easy to operate the sheet.

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Step 3 - Click on Create A Filter: After clicking on the 3 dots in the top right corner of the google sheets interface, navigate through the drop-down menu. Search for the "Create a filter" option in the menu. This will help you create a filter in the entire sheet.

  • But if you want to add the filter to any particular column, then you have to select the column first.
  • Only then you can add a filter to that particular column. Proceed to click the 3 dots on the top right corner.
  • Google Sheets is a powerful tool for anyone who wants to make data analytics.
  • Here, you can easily create filters in the sheet by clicking on “create a filter” and making use of different criteria such as date range, text, etc.

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Step 4 - Your Filter Is Created: Once your columns are selected, go ahead and click the "Create Filter" button in the top right corner of this sheet. Now we need to enter some criteria for our filter.

  • For example, you can filter the numerical data in ascending or descending order.
  • You can apply filters to hide some entries.
  • For eg, you want to see only the data entered by one of your employees.
  • Filters help you to just focus on particular data set.

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In conclusion, filters are a great way to easily organize data on a spreadsheet, and they make it easier to share your spreadsheets with others. They help you operate more efficiently with your data. They assist you in performing computations or making recommendations depending on the information you provide. You may also utilise them to better organise your data and make adjustments over time without having to start from scratch.

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