How to Make a Resume in Canva

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A resume is a formal document that the person who is applying for a job at a position creates to list their qualifications for a position. It is like a detailed biodata of the person. It should contain important information like educational details, work experience, certifications, and skills along with other things.

A good can help you get a good job or internship. You can easily make a good Resume in Canva. To make a resume in canva is a fun and joyous process. It is not very hectic.

Along with this, you should also know how to import a PowerPoint Presentation in Canva. In this article, you will learn how to make a resume in canva 8 simple steps with pictures.

Create EASY and Beautiful RESUMES with Canva

Create EASY and Beautiful RESUMES with Canva

Make a Resume in Canva in 8 Easy Steps

Step-1 Open Canva app: First of all open the app. You can make a resume on both your mobile and PC.

We would recommend you to open it on your desktop so that you can easily work on a big screen.

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Step-2 Search for 'Resume' to start designing your own: After opening the app, click on the search bar.

Click on the search bar and type 'Resume'. Now, click on enter.

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Step-3 Find the right template for your needs: You can choose from hundreds of professionally- designed resume templates. Take your pick from styles like modern or simple layouts or industries. Like acting, graphic design or more corporate layouts.

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Step-4 Personalize your resume according to your preference: After picking a template, use Canva’s drag and drop design tools to tweak your resume. You can also change fonts, text and colours in a few clicks.

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Step-5 Upload your professional photo: Make sure to upload a good or professional profile photo. You can also rearrange all elements as much as you want.

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Step-6 Add the right and on-point information to your resume: You have to change the text accordingly to make your resume stand out. Add all the necessary information.

Strictly do not add anything extra or irrelevant. It leaves a very bad impression on the employer or the recruiter.

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Step-7 Click on 'Save': Now, after completing, click on the 'Save' button.

Step-8 Choose the format in which you want to download your resume: You have the option to download your resume in PNG, JPG or PDF format. Most companies ask for PDFs. So download in PDF format too.

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What Is The Information or The Points That Must Be There is a Good Resume?

Some things must be there in every resume. Such things include the contact details (email, phone number, address), full name, educational details, work experience (if any) and skills. But, to make your resume stand out among other resumes. You should also focus on minimal details like professional language and layout.

How Can We Download Our Certificate From The Internshala App?

After completing an internship at the Internshala App, you will get a certificate. You can also get other perks like a LOR. But it depends on the employer. You should know how to download your certificate as it holds great value for your resume as well as your CV. But, you can download the certificate only after completing the internship, not before that.

How Many Pages Are Appropriate For a Good Resume?

There is no hard and fast rule as to how many pages should be there in a resume. But still, usually, a resume has 1 to 2 pages. Sometimes the page limit can go to 3 or 4 pages if the information is more in some cases. We would recommend you to have not more than 2 pages in your tour resume. As the employer does not have much time to read a lot of information. Also, the information should about yourself in the resume should be on-point and crisp. Also, it should leave a good impression on the onlooker.

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