How to Add Borders in Canva App

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Anything designed on the Canva app can be customized as per your choice. It's a one-stop destination for every editing tool you are looking for in your design. Borders are the crucial element in making your design fit perfectly from every corner. You can make your design with every kind of border that enhances your design more with an authentic frame lookalike style. You can add frames in the Canva app. Or you can add borders in Canva App by simply following the below guide step by step.

Add Color Border To Image in Canva

Add Borders In Canva App In 5 Easy Steps

Step-1 Open Canva App: You must have already installed Canva App on your device. Now go to the Canva App. Then tap on the Canva app. Then open Canva.

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Step-2 Click on the '+' icon in the editor: Once the Canva App opens, the editor page opens on your screen.

  • Or if it doesn't open, you can tap on any template.
  • Then you will go to the editor page directly.
  • You can see the '+' icon on the bottom left side of the page.
  • Tap on the '+' icon and open.
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Step-3 Click the 'Elements' tab from the side panel: Once you open the + icon, a new page appears with the bottom toolbar along with different options.

  • There are options such as Templates, Elements, Gallery, Uploads, Text, etc.
  • You have to tap on the Elements option.
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Step-4 Type 'borders' in the search bar of the Elements tab: Now you can see a search bar at the top. Go to the search bar and search Borders there. Then tap on the search button.

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Step-5 Choose the perfect border for your design: Now you will see many different options and styles of borders on your screen. You can choose any style of the border of your choice that suits your design perfectly.

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How Many Type Of Borders Are Available On The Canva App?

There are numerous borders available on Canva App. It has all types of borders be it square, circle, triangular, or recta gular shapes borders. Furthermore, you can also find some Gif borders with great animations and styles. You can choose as per your choice accordingly.

Can You Find Some Specific Borders Related To Festivals or Occasions?

After opening the Elements option, you can see some specific types of borders named under the search bar.

  • You can see the Christmas border, black border, Gold border, flower border, Circle border, etc.
  • You can even search for the occasion name along with the border to get the related borders option on canva.
  • For eg- Diwali borders, then a list of borders related to Diwali appears on your screen.

Can You Add Borders To The Presentations On The Canva App?

Of course, you can add any type of borders to the presentation designed on the Canva App. Furthermore, if you want to add frames to completed presentations. Then you can import presentations in the Canva App. Next, you can add as many borders to your slides of the presentation.


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