How to Undo or Redo Changes in Canva

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Designing can be a great chore. It takes a patient man to do it. When there are a lot of changes before you get a satisfying design, the option of undo redo changes in Canva helps you a lot. If you made some changes but do not like how they look, simply undo them. But if you think the changes seemed more better than the current version, redo the changes. Both of them work hand in hand.

Suppose you are making a business card in Canva. You made changes to the font. However, you do not like the changes. So, click on undo and get back the old one. Let us learn how to do it with the help of the following guide.

Undo Redo Changes in Canva in Just 4 Steps

Step-1 Open Canva App: To undo or redo the changes, firstly you need to make changes. Even before that, you need to create a design. So, open the Canva application from your mobile phone and open an existing design.

You can either create a blank design or even use a template from the free templates available on Canva.

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Step-2 Open the Design That You Want to Work On: If you had started working on a design, you can open it. You can also open a template. Suppose you want to make infographics in Canva, then search for related templates. Start working on a design.

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Step-3 Undo by Left Arrow: On top of the design, there are certain icons available. Besides the home icon, there are two other icons. Both look like arrows but face different sides. To undo a change in Canva, click on the arrow facing the left-hand side.

By clicking on that, you will see that the changes were reversed and you got the previous form of design back.

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Step-4 Redo a Change: You went back to the older version before the changes. But you did not like it and want the changes you already did again. For that, you need to click on the redo arrow icon.

The redo icon has the arrow facing to the right side. Click on it and the changes will be re-done for you without you having to do much effort.

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What If I Want to Go To The Original Version? Can I Undo more Than Once?

You can definitely go back to many more changes and not just the previous one. You can keep clicking on undo option until you achieve the older version that you desire. Once you get that, you can start working on the design again.

I Went Back Too Many Changes? How Many Times Can I Redo?

Well, you can click on redo until you get the latest updated version. By clicking on the redo, you will reach the version with the most changes.

You can use undo redo in Canva to navigate between the changes that you already made. If you are working with a team and have shared designs in Canva, then you must take care that nobody makes undo and redo without the leader's permission. There is a chance that all your hard work can get wasted.

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