How to Animate in Canva App

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Animation is a method using which can create an illusion of movements in images in a sequence. Animations can help make your project or presentations look dynamic & make it memorable. The Canva app allows you to add animations to your design with a variety of animations like you can create text-shadow in the Canva app. Are you looking for adding animations to your design in Canva app? Don't worry. This guide will tell you how to animate in the Canva app.

Animate in Canva App using 5 Easy Steps

Step-1 Open the Canva App: On your device, search for the Canva app and open it to start animating your projects.

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Step-2 Start Editing & Tap to Animate: In the Canva App, start making the design that you want to animate. Now, in your design tap on the element like the text box, image, or any design that you are looking to animate. You just have to tab on the object and move to the third step.

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Step-3 Tap on Animate On Toolbar Below: When you tap on the object it will get selected and then you will see the Animate option on the toolbar below in the editor. You may have to slide the option to the left to see the Animate option. You have to click on the Animate option once you find it.

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Step-4 Select Your Desired Animation: Now, you have to select the animation that you want to add to your design. Select from the list that appears after you click on the animate button. So, choose accordingly.

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Step-5 Tap The Play Button for Preview: Once you select the animation from the list shown above that particular animation will be applied to your object. You can now see the preview of the animation. Tap on the play button on the toolbar above in the editor as shown below in the image.

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How to Grab Attention of People Using Animations on Canva?

To grasp the attention of your viewers you need to make your visuals interesting. You can use animations like pop, bounce, slide, fade, and more using 14 premium animation styles available on Canva. You can add animations in different parts like on the text, image, graphics, or anything present in your design.

Can I Change or Remove Animations too In Canva App?

Yes, you can change or remove the animations applied to your design on the Canva. You just have to select the element and click on the animation button in the toolbar. A panel will appear from which you can select any other animation if you want to change the previous one. To remove the animation click on the "remove animation" option below in the panel. You can also use undo-redo changes in Canva to remove the animation.

Can I Change the Timings Of Any Animation That I Have Applied On canva?

No, changing timings of the animations are not available yet on the Canva. They may add this feature with future updates but for now, when you add transitions on different pages then you can change the duration of the animated page to switch to another page.


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