How to Use Canva App For Beginners

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The Canva app is a one-stop solution and platform for the digital content creators out there. Canva offers free photo editing and video editing in one graphic design app. Also, you can create amazing social media posts, flyers, photo collages and so much more. But do you know how to use the Canva app for beginners?

Because of a large number of features and functions, it can sometimes become confusing for beginners. Using the Canva app for beginners can be very easy if you follow the right steps. Beginners should also know how to create a team in the canva app.

In this article, you'll learn how to use to Canva app for beginners. Also, to create a new design and add text to the design in some easy steps.

Use Canva App for Beginners in 10 Easy Steps

Step-1 Open the Canva app: Since you are a beginner, you should know. That you can use the Canva app both on your mobile device and on your desktop (PC or laptop).

For mobile, you have to download the app from the Play Store or App Store of your phone. The app is 23 MB in size.

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Step-2 Click on the '+' icon: Now, click on the purple ‘+’ button in the bottom right corner. You can easily spot this button on the screen.

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Step-3 Choose your design type or dimensions: You can pick from ‘custom dimensions’ or a range of pre-selected sizes. Also, Canva makes it easy to start your design by including templates for the optimal sizes on many social media platforms.
We’ll grab an Instagram post for this example.

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Step-4 Your editor will open. Again click on the '+' icon: With the blank canvas in front of us, let’s choose a background. Then, click on the '+' icon in the editor menu in the bottom left corner.

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Step-5 Go to 'Elements': From the 'elements' tab, you will have millions of elements to choose from. Ready-to-use creative elements are present here for your ease.

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Step-6 You can also search for specific elements like 'texture': Search for some patterns or textures. The textured background will be good to go. For this, click on the search bar and type 'texture'. Now search.

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Step-7 Add Your Text:
Go to ‘text’ on the left-hand menu and there are options to choose a simple text box. Or some font combinations and effects. Little purple lines will appear to help you get it in the centre.

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Step-8 Change the properties of your elements or text: You can change the size and also match up the fonts with the ones used. Just select the font menu or the size menu.

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Step-9 Finish and Save: After completing your first design. Just click on the 'Save' icon. This icon is present in the top right corner of the screen.

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Step-10 Select the format and download: Then use the ‘download’ button to download it. Then, select your favorite format from the options available to you.

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Your quote is ready to use!

How Many People Can We Add To A Canva Team?

The Canva app allows you to add up to 3000 members to a team, including yourself. This is a big number. This means that any small or big organization or company can be added to a Canva team. However, if you want to add a member to a Canva Pro team. Then each will cost you a Canva Pro subscription fee. This is because canva Pro offers premium and paid features.

Is It Possible To Undo Or Redo Changes in the Canva Design?

Yes, you can easily undo or redo changes in the Canva app. There are undo and redo buttons available at the top of the editor in which you work. By clicking, on those buttons, you can easily do this. Also, Canva has made it easy for its users to undo or redo the changes in the design they are working on.

What Is Canva Pro Subscription?

Many of you might be wondering what Canva Pro is. Let us tell you! Canva Pro is the premium subscription of the Canva app. It has many additional and premium features like unlimited storage for photos and assets. Also, you get access to an exclusive collection of 4 lakh free photos, illustrations, and templates.

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