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Canva is the one-stop destination where you can conveniently design or edit your photos and videos. There are innumerable features present on canva that makes your work of editing much better with simpler methods. You can make your Instagram post cooler with the amazing tools of Canva. Plus you can share the design in Canva with your friends or colleagues. You can select all the elements from the template on canva. In this guide, steps are explained below to do so.

Select Multiple Elements at Once

Select All In Canva App With Few Easy Steps

Step-1 Open Canva App: If you have the Canva app signed in with the Google or Facebook account. Then you have to first go to the app. Next, tap on Canva and open it.

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Step-2 Long press on the element you'd like to select until a prompt appears that you've selected it: After you open the Canva App. You will spot several templates placed under different topics. Be it for youtube, Instagram, resumes, logos, posters, etc.

  • You can select any of the templates you wish to edit and select all the elements of it.
  • Now click on the selected template.
  • Then it will open on a new page with several tools under it.
  • Next, you have to select the element you like.
  • Long press and hold into the selected element for a while.
  • Or until blue-colored prompts appear on your screen.
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Step-3 Click on the 'Select multiple' option from the toolbar that appears at the bottom: Once the prompts appear on your screen, it also opens a toolbar at the bottom side of the page. Multiple options are laying on the toolbar. You have to tap on the option of Select Multiple.

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Step-4 Lightly tap on all the design elements to select: Once you clicked on the select multiple options. Then you can select the remaining elements you wish to select.

  • Just tap lightly on all the elements you wish to select.
  • Then all of your design element is selected.
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Does Canva App Lets You Make Folders in it?

You can make your design on Canva for any purpose. Then save them. Next, you can make separate folders on canva to easily distinguish the designs. It also sorts them well and makes your work easy.

Can You Add a Link To The Selected Elements On Canva?

When you select the element on Canva you have a list of options on the toolbar under the image or template. There is a link option too. Tap on it and a blank bar will appear. You can either search or enter the link you want to place on the element. And it's done. Now the link is seen on the selected element on canva.

What Is The Lock Option On The Toolbar Under The Selected Elements On Canva?

When you select any element from the template on Canva. The toolbar at the bottom contains a lock option. This lock option is to restrict any further editing of the selected element. Once you tap on it. The lock icon appears on the side of the selected elements. Now you can't edit this element.

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