How to Add Video Transitions in Canva

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Are you creating a merged video in Canva? Then you should learn to add video transitions in Canva. It is a great way to add more to your video and present it in an attractive way. Now, if you do not know, let me tell you what transitions are.

You must have used PowerPoint wherein there is some effect between the two slides. The way the previous slide goes and the next one comes. Similarly, while using Canva, if you are creating a video, you can add such transitions between different photos and video clips. It will appear like a beautiful slideshow when you add transitions. Further, you can create folders in Canva to keep the videos separate from photos.

Add Video Transitions in Canva in Just 6 Steps

Step-1 Open Canva App: You need to open the application of Canva from your mobile device. It is very easy to use from there and very handy also.

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Step-2 Open the Video Design or Create One: You can open the existing video file if you have created it in the past. If not, create a design. You can rely on your uploads to make a video. Upload some video clips to merge them. Or choose a video template from Canva itself.

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Step-3 Click on Plus Sign Between Two Videos: When you create a multi-page video, there is a plus sign between the two pages. You need to click on that plus sign to add transitions in Canva.

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Step-4 Click on Transition: Now, you need to click on the option of transition that pops up from the bottom of the screen.

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Step-5 Choose the Transition: By clicking on the transition option, you see various transition effects popping up. Tap on each one of them to see which one looks better. Try and select the one that you like the most.

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Step-6 Apply Between All Pages: If you want the same transition between all pages, check the tiny box 'Apply Between all Pages' at the bottom of the screen. Otherwise, leave it unchecked.

Thus, you add transitions in Canva and make your videos look more pleasing.

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What If I Do Not Apply the Same Between All Pages?

Then, follow the process again. Click on the plus sign between the other two slides and add another transition between them. You can repeat this process to add a different transition between all the pages one by one. It will take some time, but the outcome will be worth it.

Wouldn't It Be Easier on a Laptop or PC?

Videos are edited better in a mobile version. On opening the application, you see an option of 'Create Mobile Video' right on top. By clicking on it, you are provided with many templates. These are the video templates specially available for mobile phones and are not a part of the web version. So, for videos and transitions, Canva mobile is suggested.

From mobile itself, you can share designs in Canva. You can create a video and share it with a team member and let them add their transition and create a final output that is the best of all.

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