How to Duplicate Page in Canva App

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Designing a page on Canva with its wonderful features boosts your professional work or business structure. You can design as many pages or presentations on Canva conveniently. Now When you design one page on Canva and want to design the same page with some other edits. What you need is a duplicate copy of the page. Now with Canva, you can make a duplicate page in Canva app with a few steps. Just read the below guide and get it done.

Duplicate Multiple Pages In Canva 

Make A Duplicate Page In Canva App Using a Few Simple Steps

Step-1 Open the Canva app: You can download the Canva App from the play store on your Android. Also, you can download Canva App on your Laptop.

  • Whether on Android or a Laptop, you have to go to the Canva app.
  • Then tap on the App.
  • Next, open the Canva app.
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Step-2 Tap on the numbered button on the right corner of the editor: Once you open the Canva app, the homepage of the app appears on your screen.

  • Select any template or design of your choice.
  • Then you can spot a numbered button on the right corner of the page.
  • Tap on the button and open it.
Image titled duplicate page in Canva app Step 2

Step-3 Select the page which you want to duplicate: Now the numbered button opens a page on your screen.

  • Where you can see the templates chosen by you on your screen.
  • Select the page that you want to duplicate.
Image titled duplicate page in Canva app Step 3

Step-4 Click on 'Duplicate page': Once you selected the page, you can see several options laying at the bottom toolbar.

  • There are options such as the Delete, Add, Duplicate page, Notes, and Select.
  • You can see a Duplicate page option there.
  • Next, tap on it.
Image titled duplicate page in Canva app Step 4

Step-5 Tap on the close button and edit the new page: Now your page is duplicated. Then you have to tap on the close button located on the left side of the page. Now you can edit the new duplicated page on Canva.

Image titled duplicate page in Canva app Step 5

Once You Duplicated The Page On Canva, Then Can You Edit the Previous Page?

When you duplicate any page on Canva. You can design a duplicate page.

  • Plus you can even edit the previous page.
  • You have to tap on the numbered button to select the page you want to edit.
  • As you can see the list of pages once you open the numbered button.

How Many Duplicate Pages You Can Add to the Design On Canva?

You can follow the above-mentioned steps to make a duplicate page of your design on Canva.

  • Then, you can see the Add option on the bottom toolbar.
  • Tap on the Add option to add duplicate pages as many as you want.
  • There is no limit to adding the number of pages of duplicate pages on Canva.

Can You Make the Exact Same Design Again On Canva?

Once you created a design on The Canva App. Then if you want to make the same design once again. You can make a copy of your design in Canva.

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