How to Insert Table in canva

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Tables are the best ways to manage and organize large and complicated data. They are also very easy to comprehend and understand. That saves a lot of time. With tables, you can easily break complicated information and data into simple rows and columns. You can create tables in many apps. Canva is one of them. It is very easy to insert a table in canva. You just have to follow some really simple and short steps to learn how to insert a table in canva.

You should also know how to add bullet points in the Canva app. They are also a good way to organize complex information easily.

How to Create TABLES with Canva

Insert Table in Canva in 7 Easy Steps

Step-1 Open Canva App: You can open the Canva app on either your mobile phone or your desktop. This is because you can create tables in both versions.

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Step-2 Simply go to 'Elements': Now, open a design and then click on the '+' icon at the left bottom corner of the Canva editor. Now, click on the 'Elements' tab.

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Step-3 Go to 'Lines and Shapes' and choose a shape: Most preferably, choose a square or rectangle. This will serve as your table cell.

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Step-4 Resize the shape: Now, toh can resize the shape to the cell dimensions you require. In this example, we took a square and resized it into a rectangle. But you can easily just grab a rectangle also.

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Step-5 Copy the Cells: When you have your sized cell, copy and paste the cells. It is very easy. Just right click on the cell. A side menu will appear with several options. From that option, click on 'Copy'.

Then, go to the position where you want to paste the cell. Again, right-click on that position. And click on 'Paste'.

Step-6 Copy the Rows: Once you have enough cells for your row. Then, you have to select all of the shapes (the entire row) and copy and paste them. You can copy and paste in the same way as done in the previous step. Again, do this for as many rows as you need.

Step-7 Create Header Rows: Last, don’t forget to create a top header row. This will typically be a different color so that it stands apart from the rest of the table. You can add text in this step, as I have done with the column headings.

What Are The Maximum Number of Rows and Columns That We Can Add to a Table In the Canva App?

You can add as many rows and columns as you need in the table. It has to be in the size of the editor on which you are working. But, still, you can add many columns. Also, you can make your table look beautiful by editing it in several ways. You can also add colors and elements to the table.

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How Many Tables Can We Add to the Canva App?

The number of tables that you want to add to a design is again your choice. There is no restriction on that by the Canva app.

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