How to Import PDFs in Canva

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PDFs or Portable Document Formats are one of the most reliable and convenient formats to save the data and also for documentation. To import PDFs in Canva is a very easy job. It is also very easy to learn and implement.

You can import PDFs and Canva and then work on them with various editing options. You can customize your PDFs in any way you want. This is currently only available on via your desktop browser.

To boost and enhance your creative skills, you should also know other features. You can learn how to create invoices in Canva.

How to Import & Customize PDF Files in Canva

Import PDFs in Canva in 7 Easy Steps

Step-1 Search for in your browser: As mentioned earlier, this feature of Canva is currently only available on via your desktop browser. You can use it on any web browser.

Type '' in the search bar and click on enter.

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Step-2 Click on the 'Create a design' tab: On the top corner of the homepage, click the Create a design button. This button is available in the top leftmost corner of the screen. It is Purple.

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Step-3 Select Import file: After clicking on "Create a design" in the previous step, move to the next step.

  • You will see many different options.
  • Among those options, click on the third option named 'Import File'.
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Step-4 Select the PDF you want to edit from your device: Choose the pdf file from your desktop to open in the Canva.

We would suggest you keep the PDF file ready on your device so that it will save you time while working on the Canva.

Image titled import PDF in Canva Step 4

Step-5 Now, Click on 'Your Projects': On the side menu of the homepage, click the "Your projects" tab. This option is available directly below the Home tab in the side menu in Canva Web.

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Step-6 You will see your file importing in the Canva web application: Your file is importing in your 'uploads' folder. You can check the status of the file in a particular tab. Also, you have the option to Pause, Resume and Cancel the import within a few clicks.

Image titled import PDF in Canva Step 6

Step-7 Click on the PDF to start working on it: Once done, click on the imported PDF to open it in the Canva editor. Now, you can edit the PDF in any way you want and then download it to your device.

Image titled import PDF in Canva Step 7

What Should Be The Length Of a PDF?

The Length of a PDF completely depends on the content of the PDF. If the PDF contains a large amount of information then it will have more pages. And, if the PDF has more number of pages. Then, its size or length will increase.

Can We Add Pictures and Videos To a PDF in Canva?

You can easily add as many pictures as you want to a pdf. But, it is not possible to add audio or videos to it. A PDF does not support any moving animation file. The solution is to add the link to the audio or video in the PDF. The link should be clickable.

Do We Have The Option To Add Grid Spacing in Canva?

Adding Grid Spacing is very easy with the help of the Canva App. It will help a lot in designing and editing the PDF also. You can add grid spacing in Canva in a few easy steps.

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