How to Change Language in Canva

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Canva has billions of users from all around the world. Therefore, the app has to focus on the needs of all its users. With such a great diverse audience, it had also expanded its features. In canva, you can choose any language you are comfortable with. And work in that language only. It is a very important feature to make the app user-friendly. To change language in canva is not very difficult.

You already know that you can create a team and work in a team in canva. For that purpose, knowing how to change language in canva is very important. As every individual might have a different preference for language.

How To Change The Language of Canva Design

Change Language in Canva in 6 Easy Steps

Step-1 Search on your browser: You can not use this feature on your mobile app. Because for now, this is only available in the desktop version of the app. Canva has not yet rolled it out for the mobile device users of the app.

Also, you can use it on any web browser like Opera, Firefox, Google Chrome or any other browser.

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Step-2 Click on the 'Settings' option: On the top corner of the homepage, click the gear icon. Now go to the Settings options. And click on that.

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Step-3 Click on 'your account' under your profile: After going to 'Settings' in the previous step. Now, click on the 'Your account' option. Also, it is the first option on the whole list.

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Step-4 Now, click on the drop-down menu of the 'Language' tab: From the 'Your account' tab, click on the drop-down under the 'Language' tab

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Step-5 Click on the language you want to select: You can select a language to apply it to your account. There will be s big list of many languages. Choose the language that you want.

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Step-6 Taking the example of the 'Hindi' language: Let's say we choose Hindi as a new language. The new language will be applied all over the Canva App. It is a very good feature and it makes the app even more user-friendly.

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And, you have learnt to change the language in the canva app. It was a really simple process!

In Total, We Can Use The Canva App In How Many Languages?

At present, Canva users from all around the world can use the app in around 100 languages. That is a great feature. These 100 languages include the national languages of several countries. Also, with each update, the Canva app is developing into a more accessible and user-friendly app. Also, it is incorporating better features. It may also add more languages for the users in the coming future.

Can We Convert a Personal Account on Pinterest to A Business Account?

Yes! You can easily convert your account to a business account on the Pinterest app if your wish. Also, the process to do this is very easy. Also, if you are determined and work hard. Then, it can prove beneficial for you in the long run.

Can We Change the Language more than One Time?

Yes, it completely depends on you how many times you want to change the language. There is no restriction on this. Also, it makes the process of using the app even easier. It provides a great user experience.

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