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Canva app is a one-stop destination for all your photo editing, video editing like you can trim video in Canva very easily, and graphics designing needs. Canva allows you to create a logo in the canva app even if you don't have any experience in graphic designing. It has easy tools that will allow you to create your logo by just following 7 easy steps.

Isn't it amazing? Creating your logo without anyone else's help. It saves your time and money and it is easy too. So, create the logo on the canva app now by following mentioned below steps:

Create Logo in Canva App in 7 Steps

Step-1 Open Canva App: On your mobile device, open the app section and find the canva app. Start your Canva app by tapping it.

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Step-2 Search for Logo to Start Creating Your Own: When you open the Canva app you have to go on the search bar that is present above the home screen. In the search bar write Logo and search it.

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Step-3 Choose a Professional Template: Browse through Canva’s massive library of logo templates to customize for your own. Find logo layouts for various businesses and needs like gaming, food and drink, sports, and more.

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Step-4 Customize your logo design: Ensure your logo is truly on a brand by tweaking everything about the design. Swap out fonts, change color combinations, and add your text using the options shown below in the image.

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Step-5 Get Creative with More Design Features: The drag-and-drop tool makes designing a logo fun and easy. Search through millions of icons, images, stickers, and vectors to use. Experiment with tools like image flip, photo filter, and animate to add more spice to your logo. Make it unique and catchy so that people can't ignore it when they saw your logo. Define Your Brand.

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Step-6 Download, and Share the Brand Identity: Once you are done with creating your logo the way you want using all the above steps. Download the logo using the download button on the top right of the screen. You can also share it anywhere you want by clicking on the share button just behind the download button.

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Step-7 Save It As a JPEG, PNG, or PDF File: When you click on the download button, a number of options will appear regarding the format in which you want to save your logo design. You can save it as an image in PNG or JPG format. You can also save it as a pdf so you can also print it if you need.

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How much Free Logos Can I Make in Canva App?

You can make as many as free logos you want to but if you wanna use all the premium tools to make your logo, you may have to upgrade it to Canva Pro but it's all upon you. If you think your logo is great without using any pro tool then go for it.

Can I Edit my Logo Design Later in the Canva App?

Yes, you can edit your logo as many times as you want and download it again in the same way as described in the guide. You have to go to your saved designs in the Canva app and you can select the logo and start editing it.

You can also create folders in Canva to save your different designs in different categories like you can make a folder named "my logos" and save all your logo designs in it.

Can I Share my Logo As a Link With Others?

Yes, you can share your logo as a link too. When you will click on the share button there will be an option of "share as link". Click on it and you are good to go.

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