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Creating a text mask in canva is one of those features that many people might now still know about. First of all, let us tell you what a text mask is. It is an effect or a design technique.

With the help of a text mask, we can display images, gradients, patterns, and even videos inside the shape of a piece of text. You will get to know more about it in the article below.

Canva allows its users to do various experiments with their texts and designs. Like you can also add text shadow to a text in Canva. It is very easy. Before that, learn to create a text mask in canva in a few simple steps with pictures.

2022 Canva Tips - How to Create a Text Mask in Canva

Create Text Mask in Canva in 10 Easy Steps

Step-1 Open the canva app: First of all, you simply have to click on the Canva app in the gallery of your phone.

Also, you can open canva in your browser. The site will directly open there.

Image titled create text mask in Canva Step 1

Step-2 Click on the '+' icon: At the bottom corner of the editor, tap the '+' button. You can easily locate this icon. Because it is in purple.

Image titled create text mask in Canva Step 2

Step-3 Tap the 'Elements' tab: After clicking on the '+' icon in the previous step. Now, you have to click on the 'Elements' tab. This tab is present in the bottom bar of the screen.

Image titled create text mask in Canva Step 3

Step 4: Type 'frame' in the Search Use the search bar and enter 'frame'. The frame options will load. There will be a lot of options and templates.

Image titled create text mask in Canva Step 4

Step-5 Scroll down to see the list of alphabets for text mask: Scroll down to load letter frames. You will see frames for each alphabet. Choose or select the alphabets that you want to mask.

Image titled create text mask in Canva Step 5

Step-6 Select your letters or alphabets: Select the letters needed to spell your word. For this example, select the three letters that spell the word WIN (W, I, N). You will need to drag the desired images over the letter frames.

Image titled create text mask in Canva Step 6

Step-7 Choose on the 'Replace' option: Choose each letter frame. Then, tap on the 'Replace' option from the editor toolbar below.

Image titled create text mask in Canva Step 7

Step-8 Select the photos and videos you want to add: Tap Photos or Videos from the options below. You can use the category buttons below the search bar to explore the library.

Image titled create text mask in Canva Step 8

Step-9 Upload media from your device by clicking on 'Uploads': If you want to use your media, tap Camera Roll or Uploads instead. Also, upload your photos here if you haven’t yet. Also, you may first have to grant Canva permission to access your gallery.

Image titled create text mask in Canva Step 9

Step-10 Choose the photo or video: Tap on a photo or video to add it to each letter frame.

Image titled create text mask in Canva Step 10

Which is a Better Feature- Text Masks or Grids in Canva?

Both text mask effect and grids are significant features of canva. They have different and unique points and also functions. But, we can not compare them on specific points. Learn to create grids in canva.

What Should Be The Approximate Size Of The Text That We Want To Text Mask?

As Such, there is no limit or constraint on the size of the text that you want to text mask. But, we recommend keeping the size big and the length small. This will engage the text masking effect. As well as, the design will look more beautiful.

Just Like in Canva, Can We Also Change the Email Id in the Internshala App?

Yes, you can easily change or update your email address in the Internshala App. Because the latest and most active information needs to be there.

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