How to Change Profile Picture in Canva

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You can easily change profile picture in Canva. If you share designs in Canva, then you must keep an up-to-date profile picture. Like this, your team will recognize you. With an increase in virtual workspaces, design teams are also virtually set. In such a scenario, it is good to show your face in the profile picture. Like this, you can build more trust and faith in your team members.

The following steps will guide you towards updating your profile picture in no time.

Change Profile Picture in Canva in Just 6 Easy Steps

Step-1 Open Canva App: You can follow these steps directly from your mobile without any error. All you have to do is install the mobile application from the play store or the app store.

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Step-2 Go to the Menu: On opening the mobile application, you will see four major options at the bottom of the page. This helps you to navigate between various features of the application. The first option from the right-hand side is the menu option. Click on that to change the profile picture further.

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Step-3 Downward Arrow: On top of the menu page, you will see your current profile photo and your name. To edit that information, click on the downward arrow option at the end of your name tab.

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Step-4 Click on Current Photo: A small pop-up appears from the bottom of the screen. Therein, click on your tiny profile picture. It may also have a little camera icon at the bottom of it. You can click on that too!

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Step-5 Select the Picture: Clicking on the profile picture or camera icon, your files will open up. You need to select the photo that you want as your profile picture. Scroll through your file manager to look for the photo you desire.

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Step-6 Wait for the Upload to Finish: Once you select the photo, it will start uploading. The circle will start filling up like water. Once it is completely blue, your profile picture is changed.

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I Never Added Profile Photo in Canva? How Come it Has One?

Well, you might have logged in to Canva using your email address. While you joined Canva, you would have joined using an email address instead of creating an account with a mobile number. Thus, in this case, Canva utilizes the profile picture of your mail address itself.

However, when you change the profile photo of your email ID afterward, the profile photo in Canva would not change. To change the profile photo in Canva, you need to follow these steps separately.

Will My Team See My Profile Photo?

When you share folders with teams in Canva, they can see your profile photo. They will see your name and associated picture when they receive an invite to join a team or a folder for editing or viewing purposes. You can encourage your team members also to put a profile picture with their faces. Like this, you will feel known and connected even in a virtual space.

Thus, use the best picture possible. Even better, create a logo design of your team to add as a profile picture in Canva itself!

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