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Sometimes the simplest features can be the most difficult to learn. One of these features is to learn how to write in the canva app. It sounds very simple. But, to write perfectly in the Canva app. You should also know the basic details and steps. After writing also, you should take care of several things. Like, you should know how to align text in the Canva app. It makes the text more beautiful and presentable.

Learning how to write in the canva app is a very short and simple process. You can learn it in just 5 steps. With pictures at each step.

How To Write Text On An Image In Canva. [Canva Tutorial for Beginners]

Write in Canva App in 5 Easy Steps

Step-1 Open the canva app: To use the Canva app. You have to first install it on your device. Now, you can install it in two ways-

  • Download from the Play Store in Android
  • Or, download it from the App Store on iOS

Also, if you want to open it on your Laptop or PC. You can easily do that. Just write '' in the web browser that you are using. And you are good to go!

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Step-2 Tap the text box that you want to edit: For this step, you have to select the text.

You can either open an existing design. Or, you can also create a new one. We hope you already know how to do that!

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Step-3 Tap on the 'Edit' button: On the toolbar below the editor, tap Edit. A keyboard icon represents this button. Also, this is the first button in the menu bar. You would not have any difficulty finding this button.

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Step-4 Format your text easily: Delete or edit its content according to your preferences. Use the options on the toolbar to format your text. You have so many options available to edit the text you want. Also, customize it as per your wish or needs.

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Step-5 Tap outside the text box to finish: You can customize text like font color, size etc. Canva gives you a large number of features to experiment with and work on your designs.

What is the Maximum Length of The Text That Can Be Added To Our Design in The Canva App?

First of all, let us talk about the size or dimensions of the design that you are creating. The size of the design should be at least 40px and not more than 8000px. These are the perfect dimensions. Now, coming to the length of text. As such, there are no restrictions on the length of text. But, make sure the length should not too much. Because it will diminish the size of the font. And, then it will not look clear and attractive.

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Yes, we can easily add our Credit Card Details in the Paytm App. Along with that, we can also add other bank details and debit card details there. Paytm gives a lot of features to make cashless payments easier and time-saving. Learn how to add credit card details in the Paytm App. Also, Paytm has very good privacy and security policy. So your money and bank details are safe in the app. But, you should also be careful every time while using the app.

Can We Add Pictures and Videos Along With The Text in the Canva App?

Of course, you can any type of media and files to your designs in the Canva App. But there is a certain restriction on some audio and video files.

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