How to Record Yourself in Canva

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In today's generation, when everyone is obsessed with cameras, photos and selfies, Canva did not stop itself from rolling out the new "Record Yourself" feature. It allows the users to record themselves or even click themselves and then upload it on the canvas. For now, this feature of Canva is only available on Google Chrome and Safari browsers. To record yourself in Canva is not as easy as it seems if the right steps are not followed. Meanwhile, you can also learn to Create a Team in Canva. In this way, you and your colleagues can work together and make a great team!

Record Yourself in Canva in 8 Easy Steps

Step-1 Search from your browser: As we have already mentioned earlier, this feature is not yet available in the mobile version of the app. So, the first step is to type '' in your web browser (Google Chrome and Safari).

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Step-2 Click on 'Uploads': From your editor, Click the Uploads tab on the menu.

  • First of all, click on the "+" icon appearing on the screen.
  • Then, click on the "Uploads" tab present among the other tabs at the bottom of the screen.
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Step-3 Press Record Yourself on your browser: After clicking on 'Uploads' in the previous step, click on the 'Record Yourself' option just below the Upload Media option.

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Step-4 Set the Microphone and Camera option: Set up your camera and microphone on the pop-up that’ll appear. Make sure to allow your browser to access your device's camera and microphone when asked. Click on 'Allow'.

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Step-5 Click on Start recording whenever you’re ready: The camera will open after you click on the Allow option for both Camera and Microphone.

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Step-6 End the video after you are done recording yourself: Click on End recording after you have completed recording. You can also Pause or Restart your recording as needed, it completely depends on your wish.

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Step-7 You can also select Discard recording as needed: If you feel that the video is not as per your expectations then you have the option to discard/delete and record it once again in the same steps as you did earlier.

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Step-8 Click on Save and Exit: Click on Save and back to editing to save your video. Also, add it to the current page of your design. And, exit after completing the design

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What is the Camera Quality of recording In Canva?

The camera quality with which you record your video will depend on the Camera quality of the device that you are using. Canva does not have any role in the quality of the camera because it will use the Camera or microphone of your Desktop or PC itself.

Can We Edit The Recorded Video In Canva?

Yes, after recording the video in the canva, it will automatically upload on the app. And from there you can select it and start editing it in any way you like. You can also add transitions to the video if you want. There are so many options to edit a video in Canva apart from this also.

Can we Also Choose An Already Recorded Video from our Device?

You can choose an already recorded video from your device. You just have to go to the Upload Media section. Then, click on the video you want to add.

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