How to Trim Video in Canva

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To trim a video means to reduce the length of the video by removing the unwanted or the extra part. It makes the video less boring if the length is too much and also to the point and attractive. To trim video in Canva is very easy if you follow the right steps. There are many other moe options to trim a video but the best and the most convenient option is by trimming the video with the help of canva. Also, learn how to create a team in the canva app if you want to work in teams. If you want to learn how to trim video in canva then this article is perfect for you.

Canva Tutorial - How to cut unwanted sections of your video in Canva

Trim Video in Canva App in 7 Simple Steps

Step-1 Open Canva App:

  • You can easily locate the app in the menu. It is blue and has Canva written on it in white colour.
  • If you want to download it, you can easily do that in two ways:
  1. From Playstore (If you have Android Phone)
  2. From the App store (If you have iPhone)

You can also download it from here- DOWNLOAD CANVA (ANDROID)

Image titled trim video in Canva app Step 1

Step-2 From the editor, click on the plus ('+') icon: It appears on the left bottom. It will present you with all the editing options and animations along with the templates for editing.

Image titled trim video in Canva app Step 2

Step-3 Click on 'Upload': The next step is to simply click on the 'Upload' button.

Image titled trim video in Canva app Step 3

Step-4 Click on 'Videos' and then, tap on 'Upload Media':

In this way, you can select from the videos present on your mobile, laptop or whatever device you are using.

Image titled trim video in Canva app Step 4

Step-5 Choose the desired video file from your gallery: Keep in mind that you can only select one video at a time to cut or trim.

Image titled trim video in Canva app Step 5

Step-6 Click the video timeline: Hover over either of the two ends until a double-headed arrow appears. Drag the edges until you reach the desired length.

Image titled trim video in Canva app Step 6

Step-7 Save and Download:

After you are finished trimming and editing your video, you can now easily download the new video on the honour device by clicking on the Download button at the top rightmost corner of your screen.

Image titled trim video in Canva app Step 7

To sum up, whatever was written in the article, Canva has made it easy for you to trim a video and reduce its length for your desired purpose. You can try doing it yourself with the help of the above-mentioned 7 simple steps.

What Is The Difference Between Trimming And Splitting A Video?

Trim means to remove some part of the video permanently to reduce the length or the size of the video. Whereas, splitting a video means cutting or dividing it into two or more parts. Also, you can share your designs in canva.

From Where We Can Trim The Video?

The Video can be trimmed from beginning, centre, or end. Trimming a video from the immediate beginning or the very end is very easy but it can be a little difficult for you to trim the video from the middle part if you are a beginner.

How many parts of the Video do We Have to trim?

It completely depends on your wish. We will suggest you not trim a large part of the video as it can affect the information that the video tends to convey.

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