How to Change Background in Canva App

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Are you not satisfied with the colour or theme of your background of design on the Canva App? The background for your design is not matching the genre of the platform you are making the design for. In this scenario cancelling the whole design will cost you another hour to make another design on the canva app. So it's better to change the background in canva App. You can read the below guide to do so.

Change Background In Canva App With Few Easy Steps

Step-1 Open Canva app: To have a particular background on canva. You must have a canva App on your device. On Canva you can make a Venn diagram too. Now go to the App. Tap on Canva and open it.

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Step-2 Go to your design & Click on the background image which you are going to change: Once you open the Canva app, go to the design of your own.

  • Or you can choose any other design from the stocked collection on canva.
  • Then tap on the design you selected and want a different background from the default or previous background.
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Step-3 Click on the '+' icon to choose a new image: Now, you can see a plus icon located at the bottom left corner of the page. Next, Tap on the plus icon. Here you will find several image options to choose from for the background.

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Step-4 Go to 'elements' and use stock images. Use the search bar to look for more specific ones: Once the plus icon opens a new page on your screen. You can see the option of an element laying at the bottom toolbar.

  • Tap on the Elements option.
  • Now you can see a variety of lists of stocked images.
  • You can choose any of them.
  • Or else you can search for the search bar for any particular image.
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Step-5 You can also upload images as backgrounds by adding them to your design: The other option to get images for the background is to upload your image.

  • You can spot an Uploads option on the bottom toolbar.
  • Then, tap on it.
  • Upload your image from there to your design background.
Image titled change background in Canva app Step 5

Step-6 After selecting the image. Long press on the image to view edit options: Once you finalized or selected the image of your choice. Then long press on the image you selected to have the editing options on your screen.

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Step-7 Select Set Image as Background: Now the editing options appear on the bottom side of the toolbar. Then, you can see an option of Set Image as a background. Tap on it. Now your background image is changed in your design.

Image titled change background in Canva app Step 7

Can You Change the Default Color Of The Background?

Once you change the background of your design. Then also you can change the colour of your background. Tap on the option to change the colour on the toolbar. Next, select a colour and apply.

Can You Make Two Design With The Same Background On Canva?

You can make a copy of your design on the Canva App. All you need to do is make one design and just copy it. Then, you will have a similar background in the two designs.

Can You Choose Two Image For The Background Of Your Design On Canva?

You can choose multiple images for the background for your design on Canva. Then, set them as the background with following the above steps.

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