How to Curve Text in Canva App

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You don't like to present your text-align in a straight share? The Canva app lets you explore a wide range of editing options. Whether you are designing the whole image, video or audio or even just a text. To make your text more presentable and stylish. You can curve text in the Canva app within a few steps. You have yo just read the below article. That's it!

How to CURVE TEXT in Canva

Curve Text In Canva App With 4 Easy Steps

Step-1 Open Canva App: Although you can edit your text in the App also. However, with canva, you can make your text more attractive and align the text in Canva.

  • Now edit your text.
  • Go to the Canva App.
  • Then tap on it.
  • Next, open the Canva App.
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Step-2 Tap on the text and select the purple + button: Now the homepage of the Canva App appears on your screen.

  • You can select any template or directly go to the design you created on Canva.
  • Then, on the editor page.
  • Tap on the text you want to curve or edit.
  • Then a blue box will appear around the text.
  • And it will open an option for editing related to the text on your screen.
Image titled curve text in Canva app Step 2

Step-3 Scroll along until you see the Effects option: The editing option related to the text appears on the bottom toolbar of the page. You have to scroll the options and search for the effects option. Then tap on the effect option.

Image titled curve text in Canva app Step 3

Step-4 Click on ‘Shape’ along the bottom. And then choose 'Curve': Once you open the effect option. You will have two options on your screen: Style and Shape.

  • Since you want your text to be curved. So you have to go to the Shape option.
  • Now under the shape option, you can see none and curve options.
  • So tap on a curve.
  • Then your selected text is curved on the design in the canva app.
Image titled curve text in Canva app Step 4

What Are The Style Option Available Under Effects Option For A Text In Canva App?

The style options available for text in the canva app are None, shadow, Hollow, Lift, Splice, Glitch, Echo, Neon, and Background. All the styles are given with sample text in their respective styles. So you can choose conveniently which style to pick for your text.

What Are The Editing Options Available For A Text In A Canva App?

You will find many editing options for a text in the Canva app. Some of the editing options are Font, font size, Colour, Effects, Format, Spacing, Animation, Transparency, Position, Nudge, etc.

Can You Get Back The Changes Deleted or Cancelled Of The Design On the Canva App?

While designing on Canva App, you can make changes in the editing of the design. Whether you edit the text or print the design.

  • You can always get back the before or after changes back.
  • Because you can undo-redo changes in Canva App.
  • However, if you have edited many times and canceled the edit.
  • Then you cant get back all your changes to the design.
  • You can undo or redo the twice or thrice edits of the design on the Canva app.

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