How to import PowerPoint Presentation in Canva

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Many of you might not be knowing that we can import an already prepared PowerPoint presentation or PPT in Canva and edit it in many ways. To import a PowerPoint Presentation in Canva is not as tricky as it seems to be. It is quite easy if you follow the mentioned 7 simple steps.

This feature is currently only available on via your desktop browser. You can use it on your PC or Laptop but not your mobile phone as of now.

How to Import PowerPoint Slides into Canva

To import a PowerPoint Presentation in Canva in 7 Steps

Step-1 Search for in your browser: You can open this on any browser like Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera, or other browsers.

Just go to the search bar and write "".

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Step-2 Click the Create a design button: On the top right corner of the homepage, you will find a "Create a design" button. It is in purple colour, just click on that.

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Step-3 Select Import file: After clicking on the "Create a design" button in Step-2. You will get three options to choose from. From those three options, click on "Import file".

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Step-4 Choose the PowerPoint presentation from your desktop: Now, you can easily select the PowerPoint presentation or the PPT that you want to import into Canva from your desktop.

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Step-5 On the side menu of the homepage, click 'Your projects': You can see a list of different options in the sidebar on the left side of your screen. From there click on "Your Projects".

Step-6 Check your file: You can easily import your file into your uploads folder of Canva.

Step-7 Once done, click on the imported Powerpoint presentation to open it in the Canva editor: Now, you can work on your PowerPoint Presentation through Canva. Just click on the PPT file and start editing.

After importing your PowerPoint Presentation into the Canva app, there are a lot of options and features. They can improvise your PPT and make it more attractive, creative, and informative. You see how easy it was to import a PowerPoint presentation in Canva. Though Canva has not rolled out this feature in the mobile version yet, we can use it on the desktop. You can click on this link to open the Canva editor.

What Is A PowerPoint Presentation In Canva?

A Powerpoint presentation is a kind of slideshow presentation that can easily be made on platforms like Microsoft. It is used to present information in a visually creative and attractive manner. Learn how to align text in Canva. It makes the ppt more appealing. There are so many ways and apps and software to create a PowerPoint presentation after editing it with Canva adds to the charm of the presentation.

Where Can We Use A PowerPoint Presentation?

We can use PPT in various fields like academics, and the corporate world. Also in school and college projects, educational institutions, and business too.

How many Can We Add To a PowerPoint Presentation?

There is no restriction on the number of slides that you can add to your PowerPoint presentation. You can add as many slides as you want to a PowerPoint Presentation.

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