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Many of you'll still be unaware of the fact that now you can create videos in canva. Canva provides its users with all the necessary features and animation functions that are important for making a video. To make a video in the canva app is not as easy as it sounds. Also, you have to take care of various aspects to make a good video.

To make a video canva app, you have to also learn various other features. How to split a video in canva. Then, how to trim a video a canva. Also, you should know how to merge a video in the Canva app.

But, before coming to all this. First of all, you should know how to make videos in Canva. Read about it in the given articles in just 11 short and simple steps with pictures.


Make Video in Canva App in 11 Easy Steps

Step-1 Open Canva app: To open Canva app on your device is the first step. Also, it is the most basic one of all steps.

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Step-2 Then, Click on the '+' icon: Start a new project by clicking on the '+' icon on the bottom left corner.

This icon will take you to the list of posts and you can select from the list.

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Step-3 Choose a video type to create: Now, you have to click on the 'Video' option.

The automatic size of the video is set to 1920×1080 pixels. Also, you can change the size according to your preference if you want to.

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Step-4 Explore Templates and choose among them: This will redirect you to the editor page. And a popup of the library of templates will appear.

Click on the 'See all' option to view more ready-made templates.

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Step-5 Edit the content: Click on the text and you will see a variety of options to edit, duplicate, font customization etc. You can edit the text in any way you want to. Also, there are numerous options available to you.

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Step-6 Customize your video: You can tweak the look and feel with your color scheme, and backgrounds. Also, you can now animate graphics, stickers and text for a dynamic feel.

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Step-7 Add your content: Now, it's time to upload your own or pick from Canva's library. It has stock videos, photos, logos, music tracks and everything you will need. You can also 'upload' images and videos from your device.

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Step-8 Edit like a pro: In this step, you can crop, trim and sync your footage by clicking on the arrows. Because you need absolutely no editing experience. It is very easy.

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Step-9 Click on the 'Preview' option: Preview your video and make final changes by clicking on this icon.

In this way, you can see the final changes before saving them to your device.

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Step-10 Click on the 'Download' button: This option will easily save your video in your gallery.

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Step-11 Download it as an MP4 video: We recommend you download your video as an MP4 video. Because it has very high quality and will make a great impression.

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What Is The Size Of the Videos That We Can Make in The Canva App?

The maximum size of the video that you can make in the Canva app is 5 GB. It should not be more than that. But, for Canva Pro users, the limit is very large. Also, you can easily resize the videos online for Instagram, TikTok, IGTV, or custom their dimensions without watermark. Canva itself guides about the appropriate sizes for different platforms.

Is it Possible For You To Download Videos From Youtube?

Yes, YouTube allows its users to download videos that they want. People might want to download a video from YouTube due to numerous reasons. Such are poor connection issues or any other related issues. The solution is to download the videos and then watch them offline mode anytime you want.

Is It Possible To Add Music To Our Videos?

Yes, you can add music to your videos in Canva. You can select any music or soundtrack from Canva's library. You can also upload the music or the song from your device. It is very simple.

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