How to Add Audio in Canva App

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Canva allows its users to add images, videos, audio and many other files to their designs. They can be chosen from the Canva app itself. Or you can allow upload them from your mobile or laptop. It not only makes the design beautiful and creative but also allows the users to experiment with their designs and add a personal touch to them. One of the most amazing features is to adding audio to the canva app. It could be a musical tune, song, musical note or even voice note.

You can also record yourself in the Canva app. You can do this directly from the app in a few simple steps. Moving to the topic, in this video, you will learn how to add audio to the canva app in just 5 simple steps with pictures.

Canva: Add AUDIO tracks and RECORDINGS (Video)

Add Audio in Canva App in 5 Easy Steps

Step-1 Open Canva App: First of all, you have to open the Canva app. Before that, make sure to install it on your device. You can see the app icon in the picture below.

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Step-2 Click on the '+' icon: At the bottom left corner of the editor, tap the '+' button. Because it will open the editor for you. The Canva editor is the interface where you can create tour designs.

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Step-3 Click on 'More': The 'More' button is represented by three dots like this '•••'. Simple click on these dots. Several options will appear in front of you.

Step-4 Tap on 'Audio': After clicking on the More tab in the previous step, you will see several options. From these options, click on the 'Audio' button.

Step-5 Search for your favourite audio: You can scroll through the categories or use the search bar. Tap on the 'See all' option next to each to browse all the options.
To add to your design, tap on a track

In this way, you can easily add audio in the canva app to your designs and projects.

What Should Be The Size of The Audio That We Can Add to the Canva App?

The maximum size of the audio file that you want to add to your design in the Canva app is 250 MB. But, the file should not be more than 250MB. Because In that case, you would not be able to upload and add it to your design. Also, the file should be only in M4A, MP3, OGG, WAV, or WEBM file format.

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Can we Also Add Songs To our Design in the Canva App?

You can add any type of audio but it has to be less than 250MB. Surely, you can also add songs to your designs as long as they do not exceed the maximum size limit of the audio file.

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