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The Canva app is one of the most used designing tools these days. From designing catchy Instagram posts to editing videos, it has got you all covered. To make effective designs or posts you must need to know how to add, edit or align text in Canva. You might need to use text editing in almost every design of yours so that it can be more descriptive. In this guide, you will get to know how you can edit the text in canva in just 5 easy steps.

how to edit text and use fonts on Canva for mobile

Edit Text in Canva in 5 Steps

Step-1 Start the Canva Application: Start the Canva application on your mobile phone by going into the apps section of your mobile phone.

  • If you have not installed the Canva app, don't worry.
  • Open Google play store on Android or App Store on iPhone to install the app.
  • You can also download the Canva app on your Laptop for using it on your Laptop.
Image titled edit text in Canva Step 1

Step-2 Tap the Text Box: After opening the app you have to select your design whatever you want to make. The editor page will get open with your design. Now, click on the text box in your design that you want to edit just as shown below.

Image titled edit text in Canva Step 2

Step-3 Tap Edit on The Below Toolbar: Once you click on the text box, you will see options on the toolbar below the editor screen. You have to tap on the "Edit" button and move to the next step.

Image titled edit text in Canva Step 3

Step-4 Edit The Text: Now, you can edit your text or delete whatever is written and type a new text. You can also change the font style, font size, color, and format of the text using the options available below in the toolbar as shown in the picture below.

Image titled edit text in Canva Step 4

Step-5 Tap Outside the Text Box: After you are done editing your text completely, you have to now click on the screen outside the box to save your text and finish editing.

Image titled edit text in Canva Step 5

How to Move Text Boxes In The Canva Application?

You can easily move text boxes in the design that you are creating on the Canva App. You just have to long-press the text box that you want to move and drag it to the right position on the editor. Don't forget to tap outside the box once you are done so that Canva can save your design.

How Can I Add Borders Around My Text in Canva?

You can add borders just as you add frames in the Canva app. Go to the Elements tap by clicking on plus sign and then type borders. Select your desired border and add it around your text.

Can I Add Effects in My Text in the Canva App?

Yes, you can add Effects which include different text styles and shapes, animations, alignment, and everything related to text editing in your text in the Canva app. You can also add effects like you can create a text shadow in the Canva app. You can lift the text, hollow the text, and much more. So, happy text editing on Canva to you.

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