How to Make a Poster in Canva App

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Digital posters are meant to look beautiful, effective, and attractive. To make a perfect poster you need a perfect app with all the tools required. Canva App allows you to make posters just as you can create mockups in Canva. If you choose to make a poster in Canva app then you will have a vast variety of attractive templates for your poster. It has all the editing and designing tools to design your poster the way you want.

So, if you are wondering how can you make a poster in the Canva app then you have come to the right guide. Below mentioned are the 6 easy steps to make a poster in the Canva app.

Poster Design With Canva

Make a Poster in Canva App Using 6 Easy Steps

Step-1 Start The Canva: On your mobile phone or laptop, open the application with the Canva icon as shown below.

If it is not installed then install it first from the Google Play or App Store or go to "" for the laptop.

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Step-2 Search for "Poster": On the Canva app home page, you will find a search bar above. Click on it and search for "poster" and press enter to search.

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Step-3 Choose Your Desired Template: You will see a variety of posters templates after the search is complete. It will contain posters of various themes, shapes, and designs. You have to select the one that fulfills your needs and the one you find attractive.

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Step-4 Make Your Poster Unique: Now, it's your time. Make your poster a unique one. Add, edit, and design. Do whatever you feel like. You will get options for everything you want to do on the poster. You can add pictures, animations, effects, filters, texts, elements, shapes, frames, and much more. Explore the features and make yourself a perfect poster.

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Step-5 Tap On The Save Button: Once you are done with all the editing and making of the poster, click on the save or download button present above on the editor screen.

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Step-6 Download Poster In Desired Format: You will see a list of options after clicking on the save button. Download your poster by choosing the format you want. You can now upload, share, or print your poster.

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Do I Need Designing Skills to Make a Poster on Canva App?

No, You don't need any professional designing skills to make a poster on the Canva app as it has thousands of custom templates that are already designed according to particular themes. You can choose any template and just edit it according to your need.

Can I Order My Poster Print from Canva?

Yes, Canva allows you to order your prints and even gives you free shipping. So, you can do it all in one place choose templates, design, edit, and order prints. You can also make an invitation in Canva and order it for printing.

What Are The Sizes of Posters That Are Available on the Canva App?

Canva has all the commonly used sizes of posters that are 18*24, 24*36, and 27*40 inches. The 18*24 posters are the medium size posters for your indoors and outdoors. The second is large which can help your poster to stand out even in crowded places. The third is as big enough to use at bus stops, art walls, etc.


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